4-D lunges

Category: Strength

Level: 1

Full comprehensive video coming soon

Carla van den Berg

Knee stacked over ankle at each lunge, moving opposing arm & leg together at each direction:

  • Forward lunge
    • Toes of both feet point forward
  • Side lunge
    • Toes of both feet point forward
    • Both feet flat on the floor
  • Diagonal lunge
    • Toes from 'back'/straight leg pointing in original forward direction
    • Toes from 'front'/bent leg point towards 7 o'clock if left foot, towards 5 o'clock if right foot
  • Reverse lunge
    • Knee stacked over ankle
    • Toes of both feet point forward

Forward & Backward lunges

  • Knee collapsing inward
    • Cue "Look down: Can you see the inside of your front foot?"
  • Back foot twisting
    • Cue "Point toes straight ahead"

Side lunge

  • Outside edge of foot lifting off the floor
    • Cue "Feet flat and sticky"
  • Toes pointing outward
    • Cue "Point toes straight ahead"
  • Excessive forward lean
    • Cue "Sit back into hips"

Diagonal lunge

  • Toes of 'back'/straight leg point inward
    • Cue "Back foot doesn't move"
  • Knee control
  • Glute and quad activation & strength
  • Hip mobility
  • Single-leg deceleration mechanics in various planes of movement
  • Coordination