Emergency Management

For imminent or life-threatening situations, call 911, then call Campus Security. For all other situations, call Campus Security at 403.220.5333.

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Downtown campus

Downtown Campus

906 8 Ave SW, Calgary


Emergency Procedures

Acts or Threats of Violence

The threat of violence and acts of violence can pose risks to individuals and the institution.

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Active Assailant

The possibility of an active assailant on campus is extremely remote but there are things you should consider for your personal safety.

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Bomb Threats

Receipt of a bomb threat is usually by telephone. While a threat may be received by mail or email, it is very uncommon.

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An evacuation order may be required for a variety of reasons. In most situations an evacuation signal will come in the form of the building fire alarm system.

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Hazardous Materials Spill

Follow the appropriate procedures/protocols for chemical, biological or radioactive materials exposure, spill or release. 

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Pandemic Preparedness

Understand how to prepare yourself and your family for a pandemic influenza in Alberta.

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Severe Weather

Natural hazards, such as tornadoes and severe windstorms represent an uncontrollable risk that can have a devastating effect on life and property.

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Shelter in Place

The purpose of the shelter in place procedure is to ensure that all building occupants are able to relocate to a safe area within the building without delay in the event of dangerous incidents.

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