Emergency Management

Emergency Management aligns with the four phases of emergency preparedness and resilience: prevention and mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery.


University of Calgary directive summarizes expectations for vaccinations on campus

Message to campus community...

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Class of 2021: Emergency management expert and child-health advocate receive Order of the University of Calgary

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Emergency mobile app helps keep you safe on campus

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Celebrate Innovation Week with UCalgary Nov. 16-20

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Hand holding phone with UCalgary Alertus Emergency App open

UCalgary Alertus Emergency App

As part of the university's emergency management plan, the UCalgary Alertus Emergency App delivers alerts and updates that can save lives and prevent injury.

Emergency Instructions

Print building emergency response plans and review emergency procedures for responding to various situations.

Reacting to an Active Assailant

The possibility of an active assailant on campus is extremely remote but there are things you should consider for your personal safety.