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Emergency Communication

The University of Calgary uses multiple communication channels to ensure the campus community is informed in the event of an emergency situation.

UC Emergency Alert Communication System

The UC Emergency Alert system uses a number of different communication channels to ensure important messaging can reach students, faculty, and staff during an emergency situation at UCalgary. 

UC Emergency Mobile App Alertus

The UC Emergency app Alertus delivers alerts and updates that can save lives and prevent injury

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UC Emergency Desktop

The desktop alert notifies faculty, staff, and students in the event of an emergency on campus.

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Security Alerts

Non-urgent safety information shared via email to all campus community members with an @ucalgary.ca address.



Regular updates about campus incidents will be shared on @UCalgary, the main UCalgary Twitter account. 

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Web Updates

Information regarding emergency situations will be posted on the UCalgary homepage, Campus Security alert page, and the UC emergency alert page.

UC Emergency Alert

Mass Notification System

Many buildings are equipped with a mass notification system to alert those on campus about emergencies.

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For media inquiries regarding an emergency situation on campus or to direct media requests, contact Media Relations.

Add Your Personal Emergency Contacts

A personal emergency contact is the person that the university would contact if you were injured.

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