Desktop alerts

Fostering a Safe Campus Community

In case of an emergency on campus, desktop alerts will be sent to all university-managed computers and laptops. Emergency Management will test the system once a month by sending out test alerts. 

The desktop alerts are sent through an application called AppArmor. Please note that Alertus Desktop is no longer used and will be automatically removed from university-managed devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The university will never ask for your password by email, phone, or via desktop alerts. Emergency alerts will contain instructions. This can include details on where to go and what to do, e.g. evacuate a building. It can point to the Emergency Management website, but will never ask you to input information. 


The desktop alerts will appear on university-managed computers and laptops, while the UCSafety app will notify its users via push notifications on mobile devices. 

Both tools are important in providing our community with the information needed in the event of an emergency on campus.