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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Embedded Certificates Embedded Certificate in Creative Writing
Embedded Certificate in Creative Writing
1. Programs Offered

The University of Calgary offers an embedded Certificate in Creative Writing. This certificate can be taken in conjunction with most undergraduate degree programs at the University of Calgary. Students in certain programs may not be able to enrol in the certificate program and some may require additional time and courses in order to complete the certificate.

2. Program Information

Program Office: Department of English, Social Sciences Building, Room 1152


Email: TBD

For advising, students should consult with the Department of English or a Program Advisor at the Arts Students’ Centre.

3. Admission

Students may apply for a change of program to enter the certificate program via MyUofC on their online Student Centre. Any undergraduate student, in good academic standing, is eligible for admission to the certificate in Creative Writing, unless prohibited by their home faculty. Students are encouraged to discuss their interest in the certificate with the Department of English prior to starting the certificate. Students’ overall academic progression in their degree program, including academic probation, will be subject to the rules and regulations of their home faculty, as set out in the Calendar.

4. Program Requirements

Undergraduate students must successfully complete a minimum of 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) from the courses below:

1. 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) from the Field of Creative Writing, of which at least 9 units (1.5 full-course equivalents) must be at the 400-level or above. 

a) For English Honours students, 6 units may be met by taking English 504 with a creative writing project, as determined by the department.

5. Completion Requirements

Undergraduate students must successfully complete their degree in order to receive the Embedded Certificate in Creative Writing. The Embedded Certificate in Creative Writing is an institutional credential. Students will graduate according to their individual degree program requirements, and the completion of the certificate will be noted on the parchment provided that the student has completed the program requirements listed above.

6. Field of Creative Writing

The Field of Creative Writing consists of the following courses:

  • Drama 371: Introduction to Playwriting (3 units)
  • Drama 471: Playwriting (3 units)
  • English 335: Creative Writing and Reading Like a Writer (3 units)
  • English 336: Introduction to Creative Writing Practice (3 units)
  • English 436: Creative Writing Workshop (3 units)
  • English 504: Honours Project (6 units) – with permission of the department, as noted above
  • English 593: Studies in Creative Writing: Poetry (3 units)
  • English 594: Studies in Creative Writing: Prose Fiction (3 units)
  • English 595: Studies in Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction (3 units)
  • English 598: The Book-Length Manuscript (6 units)

Please note that English 336 (Introduction to Creative Writing Practice) and English 436 (Creative Writing Workshop) are topics courses and may be repeated for credit.