Current Studies

Our current studies taking place within the Carlson Team!


Leading the way in Integrative Psychosocial Oncology

The MATCH Study

As more people survive cancer, the importance of research on effective interventions for improving quality of life amongst survivors is growing. Two interventions with a substantial evidence-base are Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) and Tai chi/Qigong (TCQ). However, these interventions have never been directly compared and they may help cancer patients in different ways.

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the ONE-MIND study

The ONE-MIND study aims to help people coping with cancer by providing an online mindfulness meditation program called Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

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The SEAMLESS Study seeks to investigate innovative ways to deliver psychotherapy interventions using technology. The study aims to assess the effectiveness of a 4-week mobile app-based mindfulness intervention for cancer patients after they have completed their treatments. The SEAMLESS study is a result of a Canada-wide collaboration between researchers at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine, Tom Baker Cancer Center, Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG), Mobio Interactive. There is both an English- or French-Speaking version.

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The Chemo-Gut Study

Did you know the gut is also known as the second brain? This is because changes in the gut can influence mental health. Our study looks at how chemotherapy impacts the gut microbiome, and physical and mental health in young adult cancer patients!

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The Virtual Mind Study

We are conducting a study to evaluate to what extent virtual reality guided meditation is acceptable and appealing to cancer patients and survivors. Some studies have found that meditation improves pain and quality of life. More research is needed to determine if meditation delivered through a virtual reality headset is helpful to improve persistent pain problems in people with cancer.

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