Haley Mather

MSc, Medical Science, Student


Research Summary

 Haley is interested in the subjective effects and processes which shape the responses to psychedelic agents and the development of preparation/integration practices. Furthermore, she is interested in the use of psychedelics in traditional and ceremonial settings, and their place in Western psychiatric models. From a cancer perspective, treating the emotional distress patients face better addresses the care of the whole person and moves the field of oncology forward; psychedelic-assisted therapy may offer a unique treatment option for cancer-related psychiatric symptoms that could improve the cancer care continuum. Currently, Haley is working on a mixed-methods study exploring the attitudes and beliefs toward psychedelic-assisted therapies in unique stakeholder groups to guide the ethical implementation into clinical and research settings. 


      Haley finished her combined degree in Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of Calgary, where she completed two Honour's projects focusing on neuroplasticity, integrative oncology, and mindfulness-based therapies. These explorations led her to begin working with Dr. Linda Carlson as a MSc student in Medical Sciences. 

      After supporting a relative through their cancer journey, she saw firsthand the psychologic distress that people living with cancer face. Additionally, working in various roles in the healthcare system and starting an advocacy club at the University of Calgary, has offered her a unique opportunity into accessing different strands of addressing patient-relevant priorities and understanding the importance of engaging in knowledge translation research. Altogether, this inspired her to get involved in cancer patient advocacy and integrative oncology research, with a focus on finding innovative treatment options that can address the whole person - the physical, emotional, and spiritual. This led Haley down a path to being passionate about contributing to the advancement of our understanding of the mind-body connection and the role of psychedelics in psychotherapy. Her long-term career goal is to become a research clinician, working with the oncologic population. In addition to her academic, clinical, and advocacy work, Haley enjoys contemporary dance, novels, and writing stories! 

We were never meant to do life alone; we need the love and care of others, as much as we are needed by others in the same ways. Haley strives to do work following this principle, in the pursuit of truth.