Make time for your mental wellness

Dan Ferguson, Strategic Communications Specialist
Faculty of Graduate Studies

Rumika Mascarenhas

I needed something more than just studying

Sean Bristowe

I learned that it's okay to not be okay

Jacqueline Smith

My breath is my anchor

Aaron So

Telling my story was the first step to helping others

elena favaro

Elena Favaro

For a recent PhD graduate, there's empowerment in recognizing the work you’re doing for your mental health

aaron so

Aaron So

Undergrad student Aaron So on how he’s coping with a new set of challenges


Nancy Chibry and Damian Goussis

Faculty and staff confront mental health stigmas with vulnerability and compassion

Elena Favaro

I felt like I was the only one struggling

Dhruvin Patel

Connecting with my community was the first step to wellness

Valerie Fox

I needed to connect with my community