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Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking

Invaluable innovation skills for students from any discipline.

A unique program that helps all students to develop the ability to grow ideas and foster innovation in any environment.

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Solve a social problem as a changemaker

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Innovate within an existing business as an employee

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Create a new venture startup as a founder

About the Certificate

Entrepreneurial thinking is about finding problems worth solving and creating impact. It’s a way of creating value for others, inspiring change, finding solutions, and achieving goals.

As defined by the Eyes High Strategy, entrepreneurial thinking is “being creative in finding innovative solutions. It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful, and learning from experience. Entrepreneurial thinking is essential to enriching lives and advancing society.”

The Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking is a partnership between the Haskayne School of Business and the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking to provide undergraduate students from degree paths across UCalgary with an entrepreneurial thinking toolkit: the knowledge, experience, mentorship, and capstone project support to make an impact.


Academic Coordinator,
Haskayne School of Business
Chad Saunders


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Key Information

Any UCalgary student can enrol in the Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking. It's an interdisciplinary certificate, taken alongside any degree, for students who want to boost their education with skills that make them future-ready in any role.

Upon completion of the Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurial thinking through experiential activities and projects

  • Apply methods or approaches to creatively generate ideas, problems, solutions, and opportunities

  • Mobilize resources, build teams and networks to execute on ideas, solutions, and opportunities in the Applied Capstone Project course

  • Explain how entrepreneurial thinking can make changes in society

  • Explore the ways entrepreneurial thinking can increase the impact of their ideas, solutions, and opportunities by taking a global and interdisciplinary perspectives

Students enrolled in the Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking receive support from the Hunter Hub throughout their journey—kept in the loop of relevant resources, given invitations to events throughout the program, and tailored assistance for the capstone course to the student's specific interests.

As part of the capstone project, students select from a range of support available from the Hunter Hub, including options such as dedicated coaching to support idea development, project funding to cover eligible expenses for prototyping and communications materials, or attending events specifically designed for ECET student interests.

For the full list of ECET courses, visit the Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking page on the Haskayne School of Business's website.

  1. Contact the academic coordinator for course questions and support.
  2. Get connected with our community by registering for the Hunter Hub's newsletter to be notified of info sessions and other opportunities in entrepreneurial thinking.
  3. Request a Change of Program Form from the registrar's office.