Collision Space

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking’s Collision Space is devoted to seeding creativity, increasing entrepreneurial thinking on campus and serving as a bridge to local startup, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

The Hunter Hub’s campus location includes the Collision Space — a 2,500 sq. ft., multi-use venue where people can meet, participate and interact organically. It can accommodate up to 120 people and is located in the MacEwan Student Centre (MSC 171).

The Hunter Hub Collision Space has reached booking capacity for the remainder of 2019. Please check in the New Year for updates.

Creative “collision spaces" are areas where people can gather to brainstorm, make plans, and work together. Our Collision Space is a large, open, casual environment where students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visiting community members can start conversations, exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions.


  1. Features and Amenities

    • Wheeled seating for a flexible setup

    • Multiple whiteboard surfaces, including mobile whiteboards and built-in whiteboards

    • Mobile interactive touchscreen monitors (x2)

    • A large projection wall and a built-in high definition video streaming system

    • Built-in audio system, including microphones and multi-section speakers

    • Mobile charging stations (x2) for cellphones and tablets

  2. Setup Options

    • Theatre Style for up to 60 (additional soft seating & stools will allow 100)

    • Reception Style for up to 120 (limited seating)

    • Classroom/U-Shape Style for up to 25

    • Casual Style for up to 100, (a mix of tables, chairs, soft seating, and stools)


  3. Suggested Uses

    • Formal and informal meetups for innovators and entrepreneurs

    • Guest lectures with a focus on innovation/entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial thinking

    • Workshops for entrepreneurs, innovators and entrepreneurial leaders

    • Special events focusing on community entrepreneurs, innovators or thinkers

    • Startup or idea pitch competitions