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Welcome to the Innovation Sandbox

Welcome to the Innovation Sandbox, where ideas take shape

Located on the 4th floor of the Hunter Student Commons, the Innovation Sandbox isn't just a space—it's a vibrant community and dedicated co-working environment tailored for entrepreneurial ventures. Here, we celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship that pulses through UCalgary, bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers like you.

Whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff member at the University of Calgary, our space exists for you to work on your venture. Our mission extends beyond providing a physical space; we're committed to nurturing your growth, fostering collaboration, and empowering every individual to realize their entrepreneurial potential.

Perks of being a member:

Versatile Workspaces

Whether you're brainstorming, coding, or strategizing, find the perfect spot tailored to your needs.

Meeting Rooms

Host impactful discussions with our state-of-the-art A/V conferencing facilities.

Quiet Zones

Need a confidential conversation? Step into our soundproof phone booths designed exclusively for private calls.

Priority Access

Enjoy priority registration to Hunter Hub events, fostering connections that propel your vision forward.

Kitchen & Coffee

Recharge and refuel in our communal kitchen. Grab a cup of coffee, chat with your new friends, and take a break in your day.

Expand Your Network

Engage with a  community of entrepreneurs. Build meaningful connections that expand your network and enrich your perspectives.

Tailored spaces for every startup size

Depending on your startup's size and requirements, unlock the benefits of our reserved hot desks complete with lockable storage. Each hot desk boasts hardwired internet, ensuring seamless connectivity for your operations. Additionally, benefit from after-hours access to continue your work beyond the typical business hours.

Exclusive access

Enrolment in Hunter Hub programming isn't just about learning—it's about belonging. Enrol in our programs, and you automatically qualify for the Innovation Sandbox.

Ready to step in?

Fill out our application form, we can’t wait to hear about your project! A member from our team will reach out within 1-2 days.

Frequently asked questions

Did we miss your question? Email us directly at to let us know what you're curious about, and we'll get back to you with answers.

The Innovation Sandbox is a dynamic co-working space located on the 4th floor of the Hunter Student Commons. It serves as a community hub tailored for entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers at the University of Calgary.

Membership is open to students, faculty, staff members, and alumni at the University of Calgary who are working on entrepreneurial ventures or startups.

Right now membership is free if you have a venture you are working on.

Absolutely! Innovation Sandbox offers cutting-edge meeting rooms that are also equipped with state-of-the-art A/V conferencing facilities.

After hours access is subject to approval from our facilities team. Please indicate this is required during your application.

Please see our front desk and we are happy to add your request into the booking system.

The open area is first come first serve. The reserved hot desks are available based on your startup size, needs, and requests. To have a dedicated desk, please indicate this is required during your application.

Members are accepted on an ongoing basis, and is good for one semester. Existing members will receive an email with a reminder for renewals.

Our main programs include Launchpad, Launchpad Live, Map the System, Ascent, AEiR, and Hunter Hub Solutions Lab. On the academic side, we offer an Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking.

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