The University of Calgary’s annual Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Awards recognize and celebrate inspiring students, faculty, and staff working to advance a more accessible, equitable, diverse, and inclusive university.  

The EDI Awards recognize outstanding achievement in practice, events, applied research, policy, programs, or other activities that foster equitable, sustainable and measurable change, especially for those who traditionally have been under-represented (women, visible/racialized minorities, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+) on campus. The Awards recognize ongoing work or an outstanding accomplishment at a point in time.  

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • A faculty strategic plan and action program that embeds a commitment to the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • An ongoing action, initiative, or program that helps students from an under-represented group feel welcome and included;
  • A tool or practice that provides accommodations for an equity-seeking group e.g. increased accessibility for people with disabilities, or is designed to address racism;
  • An initiative or action aiming at adapting or changing procedures, policies, or practices to make them fair or more inclusive;
  • Fostering inclusive excellence in achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion goals;
  • Exemplifying leadership in fostering an inclusive campus.


2022 Student EDI Award

Sarah Reid

Based on her own experiences at field school and in the Geoscience Department, she has been passionate about improving the field school experience. She worked tirelessly to secure support and resources from a campus-based group to provide consent training before each field school deployment. She was instrumental in developing consent protocols that protect vulnerable students during fieldwork and field courses by advocating for this training.

As a graduate student, she has been a strong advocate for change and an incredible asset to the EDI committee through her work on designing and implementing the first-ever Department-based EDI survey to collect information for future EDI initiatives; organizing the first social networking group for female graduate students, and recent graduates from the Department; developing EDI meeting protocols to ensure inclusive engagement and discussions at EDI meetings; and developing feedback mechanisms to ensure that all voices are heard. In addition, Sarah has done exceptional work to promote positive cultural change in the Department of Geoscience.

Sarah Reid

2022 Faculty EDI Award

Dr. Gregor Wolbring

The winner of this year’s award in the Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars category is Dr. Gregor Wolbring, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine. Dr. Wolbring’s extensive research and advocacy for people with disabilities represent an exceptional commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Dr. Wolbring’s research agenda has exposed his students to disability studies and ability studies. Dr. Wolbring advocates for the importance of EDI awareness to address disability issues and the systemic barriers they face. Through his work, Dr. Wolbring encourages his students to act against discrimination and barriers to participation in the university environment. His research focuses on pointing out stereotypical narratives about people with disabilities in various discourses forms of discrimination, such as genetic discrimination, against disabled people. Dr. Wolbring works hard to highlight social barriers, discrimination, stereotypical narratives, and inequity.

Dr. Wolbring leads by example. He has firsthand lived the struggles people with disability face. His experience, work, and courage have inspired others worldwide to try a little harder to fight for equity, inclusiveness, and diversity.

Dr. Gregor Wolbring

2022 Staff EDI Award

Alison Barrett

The university’s commitment to building a genuinely diverse and inclusive culture is one of the pillars of our success. The university staff work to create and maintain a teaching and learning environment and a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable workplace.

Alison has made remarkable contributions to the planning and implementation of the Schulich School of Engineering’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work, from organizing workshops to engaging students, faculty, and staff to promote greater awareness of EDI, to leading outreach events and programs that focus on reaching and empowering underrepresented groups in engineering.

Her initiatives include launching the Schulich Change Leaders Network (SCLN) to engage students from all backgrounds in sharing their experiences, interacting with other students across identity differences, learning about EDI, participating in engineering outreach work, and developing valuable leadership skills while fostering a community of inclusion and support on campus.

Allison Barrett

2022 Team EDI Award

Faculty of Social Work Anti-Racism Research Team

  • Sheliza Ladhani, PhD Candidate, Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Social Work
  • Dr. David Este, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Social Work,
  • Dr. Kathleen Sitter, Associate Professor, CRC, Faculty of Social Work
  • Kimberly Van Patten, Project Manager, Faculty of Social Work
  • Dr. Peter Gabor, Professor, Faculty of Social Work; and,
  • Dr. Darren Lund, Professor, Werklund School of Education. We posthumously recognize Dr. Darren Lund for his remarkable contributions as a true champion of human rights and his outstanding effort to advocate for equity for underrepresented and marginalized groups.

The Faculty of Social Work Anti-Racism Research Team undertook a study to explore the experiences of race and racism among social work educators and students. Findings from this project indicated a lack of understanding about racism and anti-racism. It also found that the experiences of Black, racialized, and Indigenous students and educators were poorly validated and supported in the academic system.

This research work affirms and acknowledges the university’s determination to create an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can be comfortable living, learning, and working. This award confirms that the University of Calgary has no place for racism and discrimination. It also reflects the encouragement and reassurance about our firm commitment to creating an inclusive university climate free of discrimination.

2022 EDI Team Award winners

EDI Awards Ceremony 2022

Watch the presentation of the awards to the 2022 recipients.


2021 EDI Award winners

2021 EDI Award winners

  • Student Award: Keshia Holloman-Dawson, Faculty of Law
  • Faculty Award: Dr. William Bridel, associate professor, Faculty of Kinesiology 
  • Team Award: Calgary Black Medical Student Association members including Aya Ebdalla, Chidera Nwawroh, McNeil-Inyani Keri, and Mursal Mohamud of the Cumming School of Medicine 
  • Staff Award: Renée Huntley, Indigenous health program co-ordinator, Cumming School of Medicine 

2020 EDI Award winners

  • Student Award: Jasmine McDermott, a mechanical engineering student
  • Faculty Award: Dr. Tonya D. Callaghan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education
  • Staff Award: Pamela Beebe, Indigenous education and protocol specialist
  • Staff Award: Elise Ahenkorah, programs and partnerships specialist, WELab, Hunter Hub
  • Team Award: Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta’s Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative: CV&Me
2020 EDI Award winners

2019 EDI Award Winners

2019 EDI Award winners

  • Staff Award: The Alberta Sexual Assault Course and Conference Planning Team
  • Faculty Award: Schulich School of Engineering Leadership Team
  • Student Award: Laura Fader, Schulich School of Engineering