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Student Equity Census | Count Yourself In!

We are committed to achieving an equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible student-based services, academic and enrolment practices. We must measure where we are now, how we are doing compared to the diverse make-up of our wider community and evaluate progress. 

This Short Census Takes Minutes to Complete

Responses are confidential. Complete the Student Equity Census through the secure Student Centre site by following the steps below:

Log In to Your Student Centre

This can be found at 


Access and Complete the Census

Click on Student Equity Census, which is located under the "Miscellaneous" column in the grey box at the bottom of your Student Centre.

Save Your Responses

Once you've completed the census, click the save button to submit your answers.

Instructions and Confidentiality

The updated Student Equity Census available through the My UCalgary portal will take minutes to complete. Answer each question carefully and to the best of your ability.  Respondents can move to the next if unable to answer. 

The data gained from this Census will support evidence-based decision-making by allowing the University to identify and address any inequities and patterns that may impede an individual’s success during their educational journey. 

Responses will help us all understand institutional trends and where we identify gaps, enact an action plan that enables us to do better. Responses are anonymous and results will be provided in aggregate format on the EDI Dashboard and in the OEDI’s annual EDI data report to the community




The Student Equity Census is now available online through Student Centre under the ‘Miscellaneous’ column.  

The following will assist you in accessing the confidential Census: 

To complete the Student Equity Census through the secure  https://my.ucalgary.ca/ site: 

  • Log into your Student Centre through  My UCalgary

  • Select “Student Equity Census” under the “Miscellaneous” column in the grey box at the bottom of the page. 

  • Complete the Census. 

  • Select the Save button. 

  • You are done

Note for new students, access to complete the Student Equity Census is available the day following the creation of your UCID. Only after this period will you be able to complete. 

TFDL Campus

An equitable, diverse and inclusive campus for everyone.

UCalgary is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Diversity fuels critical thinking. It contributes to better teachers, researchers, learners and service providers. Diversity is critical to a research institution, as it enables better teams and fuels ingenuity, creativity and innovation.

Closing the gaps in our students' experience requires data to inform evidence-based decisions. Therefore, understanding our student composition is urgently needed. Please help us be better. Responses to this Student Equity Census provide valuable statistical information that can shape equitable pathways to the university, and supports and services to improve the student experience. 

Responses are anonymous and protected under privacy legislation with personally identifiable information such as UCID numbers removed. Data are aggregated to identify trends – not individuals – and reported for transparency on the EDI Dashboard and report to the community. 

Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Why Is the Census Important?

The Census data collected will help unveil gaps in our environment which will inform evidence-based, equitable practices and policies. By understanding the information collected, we can then identify barriers and trends learned from the data and begin to address our shortcomings. 

Census Information is Important Now

Real progress cannot happen without statistical information.

Student data will be used to make a difference in UCalgary's polices and practices. We must measure our own EDI progress to ensure that we are addressing any barriers we have that limit equity-deserving groups from success within our institution. This requires an honest look at our practices. It requires an action plan put in place that is based on statistical analysis of our current demographics measured against organizational objectives.



Progress cannot happen without data and measurement. 
Student data will be used to make a difference in UCalgary's polices and practices. We must measure our own EDI progress to ensure that we are addressing any barriers we have that limit equity-deserving groups from success within our institution. This requires an honest look at our practices. It requires an action plan put in place that is based on statistical analysis of our current demographics measured against organizational objectives.


Students  are asked to participate. The Census will allow UCalgary to measure and align its practices and policies against national equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) data. The Census will approximately take a few minutes to complete. 


Responses are anonymous with individually identifying information, such as UCID number, removed. Responses are aggregated to provide high-level information, so not to identify any single individual. Data is accessible only to a very small number of staff accountable for data analysis and reporting. Data collected is protected by privacy legislation, including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 


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November 2, 2021

Student Equity Census launches.

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February 2022

The Student Equity Census data is due for aggregating.


Winter 2022

Census data is analyzed and reported back to the community through the EDI Dashboard and the annual report to the community.