Swarm-Aurora was designed to facilitate and drive the use of Swarm in situ measurements in auroral science. The project seeks to build a bridge between the Swarm science community, Swarm data, and the complimentary auroral data and community.

Swarm-Aurora (https://www.swarm-aurora.com) incorporates a web-based tool which provides access to quick-look summary data for a large array of instruments, with Swarm in situ and ground-based ASI data as the primary focus.

This web interface allows researchers to quickly and efficiently browse Swarm and ASI data to identify auroral events of interest to them. This allows researchers to be able to easily and quickly identify Swarm overflights of ASIs that were capturing images of aurora of interest. Providing interaction with this data in this manner drastically reduces the time needed to do a preliminary survey of Swarm and ground-based instruments for investigating auroral phenomena.

With Swarm-Aurora, we aim to:

  • bring a large fraction of the world’s auroral imaging capacity to Swarm as efficiently as possible
  • enable researchers to identify scientifically valuable Swarm overflights of ASIs
  • enable users to utilize ASI data together with Swarm data
  • demonstrate the efficacy of the developed tools for addressing cutting edge science
  • engage auroral researchers in developing a roadmap for ongoing Swarm-Aurora activity