Our Group

The University of Calgary’s Auroral Imaging Group (AIG) is a world leader in developing and operating instrumentation for observing the Northern Lights. The AIG prides itself on developing cutting edge instruments and data systems that enable new and exciting space science. Through auroral observations, the AIG currently operates the world’s premiere facility for remote sensing large scale space plasma phenomena.


THEMIS mosaic

Access Our Data

A large percentage of the data generated by the Auroral Imaging Group is public and openly available on the UCalgary Space Physics Data Landing Page. Our data can be retrieved using HTTP, FTP, or RSync. Additionally, RISR-C data is available via Madrigal.


Browse Summary Data

Browse archival and real-time summary data for our instrument arrays using the UCalgary Space Physics Data Portal.

Swarm-Aurora Conjunction Finder


Easily and efficiently browse ground-based and satellite in-situ summary data using Swarm-Aurora.