Student Opportunities

A key part of the Auroral Imaging Group is our constant flow of students working on our large range of projects and scientific discoveries. Our group hires Physics undergraduate, Physics graduate, Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Software), and Computer Science students.


Physics Masters and PhD Program

Naturally, as a research group operating in the Physics and Astronomy department and researching Space Physics, we provide supervisory opportunities for Physics Masters and PhD students.

Student observing wires

Physics 598/599 Research Project Course

We provide topics and supervision for students wanting to pursue Space Physics research by doing the Physics 598/599 research project course. Contact the Physics department or one of the following Faculty members for further information.

Students together

Engineering Internships

As part of our instrument development and operations projects, we have lots of interesting areas that need the knowledge of engineering students. We mostly have Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students, but, have also had Software and Computer Science students in the past for the right project. We have job postings for each major cycle period posted primarily through the UCalgary Engineering Internship Program website.


Co-op Programs

We also occasionally provide Co-op program opportunities (4 month) primarily through schools such as UVic and UBC.