Earth Science

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

What you will learn in this program

Earth Scientists ask questions such as: Are environmental issues caused by natural systems or human society? How do human processes impact the natural world? Can a multidisciplinary approach to studying the Earth solve climate problems?

Earth Science is the study of the materials that make up the Earth and the natural and human processes that shape the landscape. During the course of your studies, much of your learning will occur in class, field study and during labs. You’ll work across four disciplines of geology, geophysics, geography and archaeology to develop your understanding of how natural systems affect human culture – and are influenced by it.

Career opportunities

​Earth Scientists have global career opportunities in areas such as the oil and gas industry, international development, natural resources development, research and more. A degree in Earth Science can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or architecture.

Courses you'll take:

Geography of World Affairs, Introduction to Cities, Introduction to Geophysics, The Physical Environment, ​Introduction to Archaeology

Admission requirements and information

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You’ll be considered for standard admission if you’re in your final year of high school and will complete your senior high school diploma requirements or have graduated from high school and have not attended a post-secondary institution.

You received, or will receive, your high school diploma from Alberta. 

Admission type
Standard Admission

Educational system

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Your requirements

Deadline: March 1, 2018

You must complete five grade 12 senior level approved courses. Your admission average will be calculated using final grade 11 and at least two grade 12 approved courses. If both grade 11 and 12 grades are provided, the grade 12 grade will be used.

Minimum competitive average

To be competitive your average should be in the Mid 80s range

Required Courses

  • Mathematics 30-1 2
  • Chemistry 30
  • Biology 30


Only one of Art, Dance, Drama, or Music can be used to calculate your average.


You'll need 70% or better in this course to register for first year math courses.

Admission considerations for all degree programs are competitive. Please note that admission requirements are subject to change. For detailed and up-to-date information visit our academic calendar.

For more information, please contact the admissions office.

Important information

International Baccalaureate (IB) credits

Applicants who have IB credits but have not completed the IB diploma will receive specific course credit or advanced placement for each Higher Level course completed with a grade of "5" or above. Official IB transcripts are required as part of the evaluation process.

See IB credits

Advanced Placement credits

Students who present approved courses in AP examinations will automatically receive advanced credit for coursework completed with grades of "4" or higher in AP subjects. Official AP transcripts are required as part of the evaluation process.

See criteria: Advanced Placement credits

Adult (Mature) Students

If you are 21 or older at the commencement of the session to which you are seeking admission, do not have any transferable post-secondary courses completed and do not fully  meet enrolment requirements, you may request admission as an adult (mature) student. Only applicants who are Canadian Citizens or permanent residents will be considered for admission under this category. International students are not eligible for admission under this category. Acceptance under this category is always at the discretion of the faculty to which entry is sought.

Adult (Mature) Students

Diverse Qualifications

The University of Calgary recognizes that excellence means more than academic achievement. If you have achieved excellence outside of academics or have overcome significant hardships, you may seek admission to the university under this policy.

More information about Diverse Qualifications

English Language Proficiency

English is the official language of instruction at the University of Calgary. All applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency to be considered for admission to an undergraduate program.

See English Language Proficiency requirements

Aboriginal Admissions Process

In order to ensure equitable access and successful participation of Aboriginal learners, the University of Calgary has instituted an Aboriginal Admissions Process for qualified Aboriginal applicants seeking admissions to undergraduate programs.

See our Aboriginal Admissions Process

Important dates and deadlines

Program Highlights

Program enhancements

Arts and Science Honours Academy (ASHA) - A six-course interdisciplinary program with a second language aspect and travel components.

Work experience

Co-operative work placement - Gain valuable, full-time work experience that alternates with your academic studies.

Program enhancements

Honours Degree - In-depth study of a specific topic completed under the supervision of a faculty member.

Hands-on opportunities

Field school - Discipline-specific classes taken in real-world settings, and involving hands-on course work.

Did you know? You can earn two degrees in five years. Learn more about the combined degree program

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