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Advanced Placement (AP)

If you are a high school student and have completed or are taking AP courses, you may submit both your high school curriculum results and your AP class marks.

What should I do before I apply?

As a high school student taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams, you want to challenge yourself and go beyond what is required from your regular high school course work. The University of Calgary wants to recognize you for taking a college level curriculum during high school, which is why we have created the AP+ Program – a program with a few perks and scholarships to reward you for your extra work.

Students taking 4 or more AP courses and exams with an early admissions average of 85% (or equivalent) can be eligible for the AP + program. To gain entry, you must fill out a pdf form (click to download), as it will verify the AP courses you have taken, or plan to take during the year. In addition, you will have to provide us with an unofficial copy of your high school transcripts showing your entire high school career including all AP courses completed, taken or currently enrolled in. Also, once you have finished your AP final exams, forward the official College Board transcripts as soon as they are available to ensure they are reviewed by us for advanced credit.

What are the course equivalents?

Any student completing AP exams are also eligible for university credit for courses completed with a final grade of 4 or 5.

For the complete listing of course equivalents, please click here.