Circle Neurovascular Imaging

Circle Neurovascular Imaging

When someone experiences a stroke, time is one of the most critical factors affecting outcome and recovery. Circle Neurovascular Imaging (Circle NVI) is transforming the future of stroke diagnosis and treatment with its innovative new technology, StrokeSENS. Using AI-assisted advanced technology, StrokeSENS will allow frontline healthcare clinicians the power to identify stroke more quickly and make faster, accurate decisions to treat patients. This clinically validated technology recently received Health Canada clearance.

With 15 million strokes happening worldwide each year, it is a leading cause of death globally and the most cited cause of acquired neurological disability. StrokeSENS will create a big impact on the healthcare system by supporting quick identification and accurate image interpretation. It will also help clinicians make effective patient transport decisions and support healthcare workers in remote and rural areas where specialized expertise is not available.

The company was founded by leading stroke researchers from the University of Calgary and the Calgary Stroke Program — including co-founders Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Bijoy Menon and Dr. Andrew Demchuk — along with local health technology leader, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle CVI). Circle CVI, the parent company of Circle NVI, is the global leader in cardiac imaging solutions and is a groundbreaking startup that came out of UCalgary more than 15 years ago.

With investment from the UCeed Health Fund, Circle NVI is eager to enter the next phase of growth.

“From a validation perspective, and what we are trying to build here in Calgary, this investment will stimulate growth and support taking our product to market,” says Richard Clark, CEO of Circle NVI.

In addition to Health Canada clearance, Circle NVI has FDA clearance and a deal with GE Healthcare to implement its technology across its health systems, to help frontline clinicians in the triage and diagnosis of acute stroke. 

Visit Circle NVI’s website for more information.

Circle NVI has received investment from UCeed, a venture philanthropy fund accelerating UCalgary and community-based startup companies to advance problem-solving research, create jobs and fuel the economy. A key program in the UCalgary innovation ecosystem, UCeed bridges the gap between innovation, demonstration and commercialization, and is managed by UCalgary’s knowledge-transfer and business incubator, Innovate Calgary.

UCeed Health Fund is supported by the generosity of the River Fund at the Calgary Foundation and its mission to build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs.