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Shaping the future through innovative ideas

Supported by the generosity of donors, UCeed fills the gap between government and social funding and private investment, accelerating UCalgary and community-based startup companies.

UCeed operates at the centre of a robust and thriving ecosystem at UCalgary that incubates innovation and supports and invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs. It isn’t just about research and commercialization; UCeed develops talent for the future workforce and launches the technology of tomorrow.

From UCalgary students who get their first job in a lab supporting innovative invention, researchers who are translating lab-based discovery into community impact, students and staff supporting UCeed venture capital, and new grads working for an entrepreneurial start-up, UCeed creates new jobs that fuel the economy and shape the future of our province.

UCeed Momentum Update 2023

2023 UCeed Momentum Report

Read how UCeed continues to bridge innovation and commercialization along with the impact that portfolio companies have made in the past year. 

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Startup Company Founders at the UCeed Community Celebration

Key Players at the UCeed Community Celebration

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