This pre-seed and seed funding program helps commercialize new technologies and accelerates UCalgary startup companies.

What is UCeed?

UCalgary incubates innovation and provides a training ground for the next generation of entrepreneurs. UCeed is a key program in UCalgary’s innovation ecosystem that bridges the gap between innovation demonstration and commercialization for UCalgary startup companies. 

Activated by Innovate Calgary, UCalgary's knowledge transfer and business incubator, successful applicants receive funding and support during the critical transitional stage of startup companies. With funding, they accelerate key activities such as pre-clinical trials and technology feasibility. Innovate Calgary supports a robust pipeline of new local enterprise. 

UCeed funds

Managed by the university's knowledge transfer and business incubator, UCeed includes two areas of funding:  

UCeed Health Funds

Qualifying ventures can receive an investment of up to $300,000 for UCalgary-based child and health enterprises.

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UCeed Haskayne Student Fund

One of Western Canada’s first university private equity fund managed by and for students. With a curriculum that accompanies the program, undergraduate and graduate students across all faculties are eligible to apply.

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UCeed Social Impact Fund

A unique partnership in social finance that supports a growing ecosystem of organizations focused on making positive changes in our communities.

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Our foundational pillars


Accelerating innovation from within UCalgary and its surrounding communities.


Enriching the quality and breadth of learning by providing real-world opportunities for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.


Integrate UCalgary with communities on-and-off campus through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Pre-seed and seed funding

Why a pre-seed and seed funding program?

We know that gaps exist between institutional grant funding for fundamental research and commercialization funding for technology/company development for early-stage technology development. UCeed addresses those gaps by providing access to much-needed capital to advance technology and support entrepreneurs. In doing so, UCeed facilitates the translation of research to societal benefit and provides a real-world environment for entrepreneurial thinking.


It takes a village

Innovation@UCalgary is a vibrant and growing space that requires a community to ensure its success. The UCeed program encompasses partners across multiple industries, expert advisors, accelerator and incubator programs, and more.

Innovate Calgary, UCalgary’s knowledge transfer and business incubator, plays a key role in supporting the University’s vision and strategic priorities for driving innovation and research impact.  Innovate Calgary operationalizes this role by providing access to facilities, support services, programs, Fellowships, including UCeed.   

UCeed investee companies will benefit from UCalgary’s innovation ecosystem, including the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, Innovate Calgary, Life Sciences Innovation Hub, W21C, IMPACT, and Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies.