Sadaf Afzal

Excellence in Leadership 2022

Sheila O'Brien Award recipient


Sadaf Afzal is in her fifth year majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Sadaf has devoted over 300 hours as a Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) volunteer, helping facilitate meaningful, inclusive, and engaging experiences for fellow volunteers and the larger campus community.

Sadaf has volunteered at the WRC every semester since the winter of 2018 and was a Community Outreach and Peer Support team leader for 2 years before seamlessly transitioning into her current role as a team leader for the Events and Volunteer Engagement Team.

One of the very first projects Sadaf participated in was the Who Needs Feminism Campaign. Having the opportunity to interact with passersby and engage in dialogue about feminism became a tangible and thought-provoking experience that solidified her passion for social justice. The campaign also redefined for her the diverse ways activism looks like in various contexts both big and small.

Sadaf is deeply appreciative of the peer helper program that has helped her grow both personally and professionally and credits the countless training, events, and workshops at the WRC for equipping her with the knowledge, terminology, and confidence to advocate for a more equitable world.

Over the four years she has been with the WRC, Sadaf has provided countless hours of peer support, promoted the WRC’s services via mobile cart and resource fairs, facilitated outreach events, created awareness-raising infographics, and planned several interactive volunteer appreciation parties. Alongside these notable contributions, Sadaf has fostered and maintained many meaningful relationships along the way.

Sadaf is regarded highly by her peers and has been commended for her unwavering support and leadership despite being halfway across the world for a semester due to the pandemic. Distance did not deter Sadaf from fulfilling her team leader responsibilities but instead motivated her to rise to the challenge and excel. She is admired for her approachable aura, easy-going nature, and effortless ability to make every visitor feel welcomed, included, and seen in the space.

This recognition is a testament to the indelible mark Sadaf has left on her teammates and the WRC overall.