Sabrina Islam

Excellence in Women's Leadership 2014

Sheila O'Brien Award recipient


Sabrina Islam majored in Psychology with double minors in Health and Society and Fine Arts and a concentration in Nanoscience. This interdisciplinary approach to learning gave her the opportunity to equally explore the arts and sciences. She applied for Honours in Psychology where her proposed research topic is on perspectives of feminism in the South Asian diaspora. Her interest in cross cultural examinations of feminism stemmed from her realization of her own feminist identity. Along with her academic pursuits, she was very active in the community and volunteered at organizations such as the Association for Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) and Women’s Resource Centre (WRC). 

Challenging her prior misconceptions about feminism, Sabrina decided to join the WRC volunteer program upon realizing that she was a feminist after all. Being exposed to the wonderful table discussions encouraged her to become a part of this community and to engage in the conversations. The leadership and diversity trainings helped her evolve into a team leader of the Events and Education Coordination team in September 2012. The WRC volunteer experience empowered her to take action on issues she's passionate about. As a result, she became involved in activism and advocacy in the Calgary community. She deeply appreciates how the WRC impacted her life and is grateful for all the opportunities that the centre has provided.  Sabrina embodies the WRC pillars of leadership, wellness and diversity, and was successful inspiring to other volunteers.  Sabrina was selected by her WRC volunteer peers to be recognized for her outstanding contributions to the WRC and the campus community.