iPad Text to Speech with Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader can open files with the following formats:

  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • DRM-free EPUB eBooks (.epub)
  • DAISY text or audio books (.zip)
  • Plain Text (.txt and .text)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
  • Apple Pages (.page)
  • Apple Keynote (.key)
  • HTML (.html and .htm)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Audio (.mp3, .mp4, .m4a)

To hear a digital file read back in Voice Dream Reader:

1. Open the Voice Dream Reader app and either choose a file from your library or click the + button in the upper left corner to add a new file.

2. Adjust the audio settings by clicking the Audio Settings icon in the upper right corner. Adjustments include the voice, language, and speech rate.

3. Adjust the appearance of the file by clicking the Visual Settings icon (Aa) in the upper right corner. Files open in Original Layout may have restricted options for adjusting visual settings, so you may need to click the Plain Text button to access additional visual settings options. Adjustments include font, font color and background color, and line blocking (all lines visible / 5 lines visible / 3 lines visible / only 1 line visible at any time).

4. Use the reading controls at the bottom to Play/Pause and Fast Forward/Rewind

See a demonstration of using Voice Dream Reader in the video below.

This video is a quick overview of using VoiceDream for iOS for students requiring text to speech.