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Sexual and gender-based violence doesn't always look the way you think. Learn more and be part of the solution

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Facts

Sexual violence is prevalent

39 per cent of women and 12 per cent of men are sexually assaulted in Canada. These statistics don't include the spectrum of behaviours and acts like sexism, stalking, sexual harassment, and more. 

With the high rate of sexual violence, raising awareness is pivotal to providing a safe environment where our community can flourish.

Cultural factors enable sexual and gender-based violence

Through popular culture, media and every-day actions, we normalize violence.

Things like derogatory language, sexist jokes, narrowly defined gender roles, glamorization of violence in pop culture, sexism and victim-blaming are root causes of sexual and gender-based violence. 

Discrimination is tied to sexual and gender-based violence

Sexual and gender-based violence is difficult to address because it’s connected to other forms of discrimination. Race, ability, gender and sexual identity affect access to justice and risk of violence.

To make change, we need to address all areas of oppression and bring them into conversation. 

Resources for Download

Through a trauma informed approach, the University of Calgary has developed downloadable resources for supporters and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, including self-care colouring books and informative postcards.

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