Evacuation, Drills & Assembly Points

Students, faculty and staff may be required to evacuate during an emergency. Most evacuations will be signalled by activation of a fire alarm.

Annual Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills at UCalgary provide opportunities for responders, building occupants, and the Emergency Management department to prepare for emergency situations.

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Assembly Points

Assembly points have been selected as they are able to hold a significant number of people and will provide access to facilities, protection, and establish a location for information updates. 

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Building Evacuation

Students, faculty and staff may be required to evacuate during an emergency. Be ready to follow the correct evacuation if an evacuation is ordered. 

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Emergency Buddy Program

The Emergency Buddy Program ensures that emergency response teams are made aware of the location of a person with an impairment. 
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Evacuation Training

Evacuation training is essential in empowering community members to understand and implement evacuation procedures, helping to keep themselves and others safe.

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