Annual Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills help ensure that faculty, staff, and students know how to exit buildings on campus safely and as quickly as possible. Campus-wide evacuation drills are conducted annually.  

Fall 2022 Evacuation Drills

The next annual evacuation drills will take place in fall 2022. Those people who work, teach, or study in a building scheduled to be evacuated should plan for a thirty minute disruption to your daily activities and know:

2018 Annual Evacuation Drill Summary

2018 Annual Evacuation Drill Summary Report 

Last year's annual evacuation drills were conducted at University of Calgary campuses over a period of ten days in September. The drills were facilitated by the Emergency Management team with assistance from observer volunteers from across campus including Risk, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Residence Services, University Relations, Kinesiology, Facilities- LifeSafety, and Emergency Wardens.

Evacuations occurred at all fifty-three regularly occupied buildings on the university campuses. The Child Care Centers are drilled monthly and residence buildings are drilled twice a year.

This year there was a notable improvement in basic housekeeping. During evacuation drills there were less incidents of equipment obstructing egress. Clear paths were reported to the hose cabinets and fire extinguishers.