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There has been one positive COVID-19 cases on campus in the last 14 days.

Last updated: June 15, 2021,  8:00 a.m.

COVID-19 positive cases

A positive COVID-19 case in a building means that an individual either worked, attended class or otherwise spent a significant amount of time in this building.  One case might span more than one building.

The following actions are taken when there are positive cases on campus :

  1. Areas occupied by the individual during infectious period were contained, cleaned and disinfected
  2. Contact tracing was conducted by AHS with support from the University and anyone determined to be a close contact of the individual was contacted and instructed to isolate. Risk to others present or working in the zones is considered very low

As per exposure criteria established by Alberta Health, a close contact is anyone who, during the infectious period has lived with or was within two metres of a person who has COVID-19 for 15 minutes, even if a non-medical mask was worn during that contact. This includes cumulative contact where multiple interactions add up to 15 minutes or more. A close contact could also be someone who had direct physical contact (handshake, hugging, kissing) with an infectious person or direct contact with their bodily fluids, such as being coughed or sneezed on. Wearing a non-medical mask is not sufficient to exempt you from being considered a close contact.

Individuals on campus should take precautions in all spaces, and work under the assumption that an infection is possible. Please continue to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID while inside and outside of the workplace. This means taking steps to protect yourself and others by practicing good hygiene, physical distancing and monitoring for symptoms.

Covid-19 Most Recent Campus Exposure (Cases)

*Cases that occur in more than one building are counted in each affected building and only once in the totals.

Location 0-3 days ago 4-7 days ago 8-14 days ago Total by location
Downtown Campus     1 1
Total     1 1


Details of COVID-19 cases on campus


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Cases between Sept 30-Dec 31, 2020 can be found here.


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If you feel unwell while on campus please follow these COVID-19 procedures