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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Academic Regulations F. Academic Standing F.7 Unsatisfactory Standing
F.7 Unsatisfactory Standing

All faculties review a student's performance for continuation in a program. University regulations require that an undergraduate student, at the time of review, be required to withdraw from the University if the student's grade point average is less than 1.70. A few faculties have higher requirements for continuation in a program.

Students will be permitted a maximum of one probationary period while registered as undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. Students will be required to withdraw rather than be placed on probation for a second time. Probationary periods that have occurred in excess of five years previous will not be counted.

A faculty council may refuse permission to a student or prospective student to enter any year of any program, if, in the opinion of that council, the student shows a lack of general educational attainment. Further, a student whose record in the classroom, in tests, or in final examinations is unsatisfactory may at any time be required to withdraw from the faculty in which they are registered.

The records affecting promotion and graduation of all students in the University are reviewed by persons designated by the faculty council. A student whose record is then found to be unsatisfactory will be so notified by the dean. The student may be required to withdraw from the faculty or to repeat the year. Students who receive letters concerning poor scholarship are reminded that the Counselling Centre is available to discuss this matter.

Notwithstanding specific regulations regarding probation and progress in program, students' academic standing may be reviewed at any time and, at the discretion of the dean or designate, a student may be permitted to continue in program under specified conditions or required to withdraw if specified conditions of admission or continuation in program are not met. These conditions shall be specified in writing by the dean or designate to the student.

The transcript of record will indicate if a student has been required to withdraw or placed on probation due to unsatisfactory standing. This notation will not be removed from the transcript of record.

Students who have been required to withdraw from a faculty at the University of Calgary and wish to return must re-apply for admission to the University by the stated deadlines. In order to be re-admitted, such applicants may be required to have completed a specified amount of course work with acceptable grades at another institution before re-admission will be granted. Consultation with the faculty to which re-admission will be sought is strongly recommended. Such applicants will not receive preference over new applicants. An interview with the dean of the faculty they wish to enter may also be required.

For specific faculty promotional policies, please refer to the statements in each faculty section of this Calendar.