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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Academic Regulations N. The Use of Banned Drugs by Student Athletes
N. The Use of Banned Drugs by Student Athletes

The University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology is unequivocally opposed to the use by student-athletes of any banned substance in contravention of the rules of the national and/or international sport federations, the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) or Federation International du Sport Universities. The University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology is equally opposed to any encouragement of the use of such substances by individuals in positions of leadership (coaches, medical practitioners, sport scientists, therapists, administrators) or by the student-athletes themselves.

The University of Calgary adheres strictly to the Drug Education and Doping Control policies and procedures as published by the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) in accordance with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). In addition to any actions which may be taken by the CIS/CCES and/or national sport governing body and in accordance with the University's appropriate policies and procedures, the Faculty of Kinesiology, through the Dean of Kinesiology, may take action against personnel who encourage or willfully ignore the use of banned substances by student-athletes. Such action may include suspension for a stated period of time from all participation in the athletic program, indefinite suspension, or lifetime suspension.

If deemed necessary, following a substantial allegation or a positive test result with regard to a student-athlete:

I. The Athletic Director shall convene a Review Committee to deal with any matters pertaining to the use of banned drugs. This Review Committee shall consist of two representatives from the coaching and therapy staff (appointed by the Athletic Director) and the Athletic Director. The Review Committee shall meet within a period of five days after appointment and shall recommend to the Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology:

(a) Whether or not there has been a violation of the policy related to the use of banned drugs and if so, by what athlete or staff member;

(b) The appropriate penalty or disposition, if any, to be imposed or made.

II. Penalties - Penalties that may be imposed or dispositions made for a violation may include any or more of the following:

(a) Reprimand or warning;

(b) Suspension from participation in all competition for a specified period;

(c) Ineligibility for national playoff competition;

(d) Requiring written or other undertakings;

(e) Requiring the making of procedural, structural, or other changes within the program to minimize the chance of further violations;

(f) Probation or suspension from the University.

III. The Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology shall consider the recommendation of the Review Committee in reaching a decision.

(a) Should the penalty imposed by the Dean of Kinesiology be anything other than probation or suspension from the University (see II.(a-e)), the Dean shall advise the student-athlete in writing of the decision as expeditiously as possible. The Dean may request that the person involved appear before them to provide information. Upon being advised of the decision of the Dean, the student-athlete involved may appeal the decision to the Faculty of Kinesiology Appeals Committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding.

(b) Should the penalty proposed by the Dean of Kinesiology be probation or suspension from the University (see II.(f)), the matter will proceed in accordance with the University Principles and Procedures Relating to Disciplinary Action for Non-Academic Misconduct. If the student-athlete is not registered in the Faculty of Kinesiology, the Dean of Kinesiology will recommend to the Dean of the student-athlete's Faculty that actions proceed in accordance with these principles and procedures.

IV. Education - Every effort shall be made to provide to all coaches, student- athletes, and staff members information and counselling related to the use of banned drugs and their effects. The University of Calgary Interuniversity Athletic Program policy, procedures, and penalties related to such use shall be clearly articulated to all coaches, student-athletes, and staff members.

V. The University of Calgary Interuniversity Athletic Program does not intend to usurp the role of civil and criminal authorities with respect to the non-medical use of drugs which do not appear on the banned list of the international federations or the I.O.C.