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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions -- Table of Contents

SubChapterAcademic Writing ACWR
SubChapterAccounting ACCT
SubChapterActuarial Science ACSC
SubChapterAfrican Studies AFST
SubChapterAnthropology ANTH
SubChapterApplied Mathematics AMAT
SubChapterApplied Psychology APSY
SubChapterArchaeology ARKY
SubChapterArchitectural Studies ARST
SubChapterArt ART
SubChapterArt History ARHI
SubChapterArts and Science Honours Academy ASHA
SubChapterAstronomy ASTR
SubChapterAstrophysics ASPH
SubChapterAthletic Therapy ATTH
SubChapterBiochemistry BCEM
SubChapterBiology BIOL
SubChapterBiomedical Engineering BMEN
SubChapterBotany BOTA
SubChapterBusiness and Environment BSEN
SubChapterCampus Alberta Applied Psychology CAAP
SubChapterCanadian Studies CNST
SubChapterCellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology CMMB
SubChapterCentral and East European Studies CEST
SubChapterChemical Engineering ENCH
SubChapterChemistry CHEM
SubChapterChinese CHIN
SubChapterCivil Engineering ENCI
SubChapterCommunications Studies COMS
SubChapterCommunity Rehabilitation CORE
SubChapterComparative Literature COLT
SubChapterComputer Engineering ENCM
SubChapterComputer Science CPSC
SubChapterContinuing Education CTED
SubChapterCo-operative Education COOP
SubChapterCulture and Society CUSP
SubChapterDance DNCE
SubChapterDance Education DCED
SubChapterDevelopment Studies DEST
SubChapterDrama DRAM
SubChapterEarth Science EASC
SubChapterEast Asia ETAS
SubChapterEast Asian Language Studies EALS
SubChapterEast Asian Studies EAST
SubChapterEcology ECOL
SubChapterEconomics ECON
SubChapterEducation Teacher Preparation EDTP
SubChapterEducational Research EDER
SubChapterElectrical Engineering ENEL
SubChapterEnergy and Environment, Engineering ENEE
SubChapterEnergy and Environmental Systems EESS
SubChapterEnergy Management ENMG
SubChapterEngineering ENGG
SubChapterEnglish ENGL
SubChapterEnglish for Academic Purposes Program EAPP
SubChapterEntrepreneurship and Innovation ENTI
SubChapterEnvironmental Design EVDS
SubChapterEnvironmental Design Architecture EVDA
SubChapterEnvironmental Design Planning EVDP
SubChapterEnvironmental Engineering ENEN
SubChapterEnvironmental Science ENSC
SubChapterFilm FILM
SubChapterFinance FNCE
SubChapterFine Arts FINA
SubChapterFrench FREN
SubChapterGeneral Studies GNST
SubChapterGeography GEOG
SubChapterGeology GLGY
SubChapterGeomatics Engineering ENGO
SubChapterGeophysics GOPH
SubChapterGerman GERM
SubChapterGreek GREK
SubChapterGreek and Roman Studies GRST
SubChapterHealth and Society HSOC
SubChapterHindi HNDI
SubChapterHistory HTST
SubChapterHuman Resources and Organizational Dynamics HROD
SubChapterHumanities HUMN
SubChapterIndigenous Studies INDG
SubChapterInnovation INNO
SubChapterInternational Relations INTR
SubChapterInternship INTE
SubChapterInterprofessional Health Education IPHE
SubChapterIsrael Studies ISST
SubChapterItalian ITAL
ChapterJ, K
SubChapterJapanese JPNS
SubChapterKinesiology KNES
SubChapterLanguage LANG
SubChapterLatin LATI
SubChapterLatin American Studies LAST
SubChapterLaw LAW
SubChapterLaw and Society LWSO
SubChapterLinguistics LING
SubChapterManagement Information Systems MGIS
SubChapterManagement Studies MGST
SubChapterManufacturing Engineering ENMF
SubChapterMarine Science MRSC
SubChapterMarketing MKTG
SubChapterMathematics MATH
SubChapterMechanical Engineering ENME
SubChapterMedical Physics MDPH
SubChapterMedical Science MDSC
SubChapterMedicine MDCN
SubChapterMuseum and Heritage Studies MHST
SubChapterMusic Education MUED
SubChapterMusic History and Literature MUHL
SubChapterMusic Performance MUPF
SubChapterMusic Theory and Composition MUTC
ChapterN, O
SubChapterNanoscience NANS
SubChapterNative Languages NTVE
SubChapterNeuroscience NEUR
SubChapterNursing NURS
SubChapterNursing Offsite NUOS
SubChapterOperations Management OPMA
SubChapterPetroleum Engineering ENPE
SubChapterPetroleum Land Management PLMA
SubChapterPhilosophy PHIL
SubChapterPhysical Education PHED
SubChapterPhysical Education Activity/Theory PEAT
SubChapterPhysics PHYS
SubChapterPolitical Science POLI
SubChapterPsychology PSYC
SubChapterPure Mathematics PMAT
SubChapterReligious Studies RELS
SubChapterRisk Management and Insurance RMIN
SubChapterRomance Studies ROST
SubChapterRussian RUSS
SubChapterScience SCIE
SubChapterScience, Technology and Society STAS
SubChapterSlavic SLAV
SubChapterSocial Sciences SOSC
SubChapterSocial Work SOWK
SubChapterSociology SOCI
SubChapterSoftware Engineering SENG
SubChapterSoftware Engineering for Engineers ENSF
SubChapterSouth Asian Societies SASO
SubChapterSouth Asian Studies SAST
SubChapterSpace Physics SPPH
SubChapterSpanish SPAN
SubChapterStatistics STAT
SubChapterStrategic Studies STST
SubChapterStrategy and Global Management SGMA
SubChapterSustainable Energy Development SEDV
ChapterT, U
SubChapterTerm Abroad Program TAP
SubChapterTourism Management TOUR
SubChapterTransportation Studies TRAN
SubChapterUniversity UNIV
SubChapterUniversity Exchange UNEX
SubChapterUrban Studies UBST
ChapterV, W, Z
SubChapterVeterinary Medicine VETM
SubChapterWomen's Studies WMST
SubChapterZoology ZOOL