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Summary of Changes
University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Summary of Changes
Summary of Changes

Summary of Changes for the Academic Calendar - 2009/2010

Student Services (pp. 13-20)

International Marketing and Recruitment Office removed

Womens' Resource Centre added

Centre for Community Service-Learning and Student Engagement added

Undergraduate Admissions (pp. 21-34)

This section was previously part of Academic Regulations.

A.2 (2) (p. 23)  Social Sciences is now included with the Faculties of Fine Arts and Humanities in requiring only English Language Arts 30-1 for students 21 years of age.

(3) The Faculty of Education removed from the list of faculties requiring additional criteria.

A.6.1 (p. 24) Application Fee is now $115.00 (or $145.00 for non-Canadians).

A.9.1.1 Alberta High School Students replaces the heading “Clear Senior Matriculation – Alberta Applicants” and the statement has been re-worded.

Under Faculty of Communication and Culture, the addition of “... a science at the 30 level” in point 2; and the removal of a footnote.

Faculty of Social Sciences replaced Pure Math 30 or Math 31 with Subject from Group A or B. Along with the addition of a note: Students intending to major in Archaeology (Concentration in Physical Anthropology), Economics, Geography or Psychology should note that Pure Mathematics 30 is a prerequisite for many of the required courses and should be completed prior to admission.

Revised the table on page 27, by giving it the title "Compulsory and Recommended High School Matriculation Subjects" and in the Social Sciences portion, the addition of BA Economics. Note that the change to Suggested for Pure Math 30 in BSC (Honours) Primatology is an error correction.

A.9.1.2 High School Students from Other Provinces replaces the old heading: Clear Senior Matriculation – Students from Other Provinces.

A.15 New section: Aboriginal Student Access Program (ASAP)

A.21 Admission Refusal statement revised by the removal of "...which is an extension of the Program Coordination Committee" found in the second paragraph, and the revision of the last sentence also in the second paragraph to read as "... may be obtained from Enrolment Services."

E.1 Course Outlines statement revised with the addition of a new first and second paragraphs and references to the Web, computers (rather than computing machines) and the replacement of the word “typewritten” with "electronic format”.

English for Academic Purposes Program

Q.1 - removal of second paragraph that read: EAP + Undergraduate Degree admission is conditional based on a student fulfilling English Language Proficiency through the EAP Program only. Students who choose to leave this program before completion will lose their degree admission and will have to reapply.
Q.6 – removal of last sentence in first paragraph: Students who leave the program while registered in courses below EAP Tier 3 courses will have their admission to both EAP + Degree rescinded. These students must reapply and meet criteria for admission to a degree program in a future Fall term.

Faculty of Communication and Culture

New Courses:
Academic Writing 201: Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences I (Introductory)
Academic Writing 203: Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences II (Introductory)
Canadian Studies 457: Canadian Visual Culture
Canadian Studies 527: Activism and Protest in Canada
Communications Studies 369: Rhetorical Communication
Communications Studies 371: Critical Media Studies
Communications Studies 383 (formerly COMS 483): Introduction to Public Relations
Communications Studies 435 (formerly COMS 335): Mass Communications and Canadian Society
Communications Studies 469: Rhetorical History and Criticism
Communications Studies 471: Audience and Reception
Communications Studies 473: Popular Culture
Communications Studies 475: Media and Cultural Industries
Communications Studies 481: Advanced Topics in New Media and Society
Communications Studies 503: Special Topics in Communications Studies
Communications Studies 505: Communications Studies Research Project
Development Studies 403: Sustainability and Human Ecology in the Circumpolar Arctic
Development Studies 405: Environment and Development
General Studies 507 (formerly GNST 501.35): Collaborative Learning and Peer Mentoring
General Studies 590 (formerly GNST 501.38): Research in Peer Mentoring and Higher Learning
Science, Technology and Society 421: Publics and Science

Deleted Courses:
Canadian Studies 427: Canadian Architecture in its Social and Historical Context 
Communications Studies 335: Mass Communications and Canadian Society
Communications Studies 365: Writing About the Fine Arts
Communications Studies 367: Introduction to Visual Culture
Communications Studies 403: Special Topics in Media Studies
Communications Studies 405: Special Topics in Rhetoric and Discourse
Communications Studies 441: Cultural Studies in Communications
Communications Studies 451: Research in Communications
Communications Studies 461: History and Applications of Rhetoric
Communications Studies 537: Visual Research and New Media Production
Communications Studies 567: Advanced Studies in Visual Culture
Co-operative Education 527: Co-operative Placement in Development Studies
Northern Planning and Development Studies 401: Sustainability and Human Ecology in the Circumpolar Arctic
Northern Planning and Development Studies 405: Traditional Environmental Knowledge and Northern Development

Changes to Existing Courses:
African Studies 501 - prerequisite
Central and East European Studies 313 – prerequisite
Communications Studies 201 – course description
Communications Studies 361 – antirequisite
Communications Studies 381 – title and course description
Communications Studies 463 - GFC hours, course description and prerequisite
Communications Studies 580 - course title, Prerequisite and Note
Communications Studies 591 - prerequisite
Film 201 - GFC hours
General Studies 501.35 regularized to 507
General Studies 501.38 regularized to 509
Museum and Heritage Studies 433 - returned to calendar after it was accidentally deleted
Science Technology and Society 341 - course title
Science Technology and Society 325 - course description
Women's Studies 309 - course description and prerequisite

Summary of Major Program Changes:

Northern Planning and Development Studies Program deleted. NPDS 401 and 405 have been collapsed into DEST 403.

Co-operative Education Programs - Minimum grade point average in all changed from "2.00" to "3.00" (typo in previous calendar).

Communications Co-operative Education Program - First sentence of the Introduction changed to "four and one-half to five-year program"

Bachelor of Communications Studies Major Program - Point 3 of requirements changed to "All prerequisites must be met with a 'C-' or better".

Science, Technology and Society (BA) - Additional sentence added to the Introduction: "Students may count GNST 507 (Collaborative Learning and Peer Mentoring) as a STAS option if they are mentoring in a course required by that program (including GNST 300 or GNST 500). Such requests should be addressed to the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs').

Throughout, GNST 507, Peer Mentoring and Collaborative Learning, has been added to various programs in differing ways. 

Option lists have been adjusted to take account of new courses and deleted courses throughout the curriculum. 

Co-Op requirements, particularly in COMS, have been adjusted to take account of changes in course availability.

Several informational rubrics have been added, the most important of which alerts students to the fact that Graduate Studies no longer accepts a three-year degree as preparation for the March program.

The Minor and the Bachelor of Communications Studies have been adjusted to fit with the courses offered in the new program.  The COMS Minor streams have been collapsed into a single list.

Detailed Changes:

Bachelor of Arts in East Asia changed to Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies (this is an error correction).

Graduation Guarantee moved from Admission to Graduation section.

Changed heading: BA, BSc, BFS and BCS Programs to: Programs in the Faculty of Communication and Culture and modified text slightly because these rules now apply to all of Communication and Culture's programs.

Change of admission requirements to include “or a language other than English at the 30 or 31 level” and “or a 30 level Science course”.

Revised "Opportunities to Take Course Work at Another Institution for Transfer of Credit" to fall in line with other 3 UPO faculties.

Similarly with the Student Standing section – all 4 UPO faculties now have the same statements.

Canadian Studies

Group 2: addition of CNST 457 and 527

Statement “Additional courses from the Group 2 list may also be used to fulfill this requirement if not used for Group 2.” added to Group 3 of the major.

Communication and Culture added COMS 360, 383 and 435, Drama 355 and 357, GNST 507; removed CNST 427, COMS 335 and 483; Drama 357.

Native Studies: added INDG 312, 341, 343, 399, 407, 501 and deleted ARHI 311.

Gender and Ethnicity: added CNST 457.

Policy and Institutions: added POLI 426 and deleted ECON 415, 417, POLI 325, 433.

National and Regional Development: deleted NPDS 401 and POLI 325.

Natural Resources and Environment: deleted ECON 575 and NPDS 405.

BA Canadian Studies/BEd (Master of Teaching Program) Combined Degree: addition of statements in the introduction.

Communications Studies

New introductory statement.

Courses Constituting the Major Field: added: COMS 369, 371, GNST 313; deleted COMS 361, 367, 451

Options A.: added: COMS 435, 469, 471, 473, 475, 481, 501, 503, 505, STAS 421; deleted: COMS 335, 363, 365, 403, 405, 441, 461, 483, 537, 567; WMST 339

Options B: added: CNST 457, COMS 363, 383, DEST 485, all STAS courses, WMST 339; deleted ANTH 367, 383, ENGL 302, GNST 407, GERM 357, GRST 315, LING 201, 203, 309, 321, MUHL 281, 309, STAS 325 (because all STAS courses now count) and the deletion of the 2 “maximum” statements: literature or comparative literature and in a language other then English.

BA and BA Honours in Communications Studies and Bachelor of Communications Studies Co-operative Education Programs

Revised introductory statement to state that it is a four and one-half to five-year program.

Admission: deleted COMS 365; COMS 335, 367, 381, 441, 461 and 463 was replaced with: course at the 300 level or above (including General Studies 313).

Regulations: addition of statement: The first four-month work term (Co-operative Education 525.01) is normally taken in the summer between Years 2 and 3. The remaining four-month work terms are taken during the last three years of the program.

Bachelor of Communications Studies

Revised introductory statement with additional notes.

Program Requirements: slight re-wording of point #1

Deletion of  “…with the exception of the statistics course to precede Communication Studies 451, which may be met with a D or D+.”
U of C Components

Core Courses: added CINS 369, 371, GNST 313 and One half-course equivalent Communications Studies course at the 400 level or above; deleted COMS 335, 361, 451.

Development Studies

Required courses: added DEST 403, 405 and deleted NPDS 401, 405.

Options changed to 2.0 FCE from 2.5 FCE

#2 Options – increased to 2 FCE from 1.5; added GEOG 575, INDG 343, PHIL 451; deleted DEST 407; INDG 311; PHIL 349; SOCI 361

Bachelor of Arts of Film Studies

List A: Film as Cultural Industry: changed COMS 335 to 435.

List B: Added COMS 371; deleted COMS 367, 567

Law and Society

Courses Constituting the Major Field

List A: added COMS 369

List B: added PHIL 325, 425, POLI 483; deleted ANTH 371, 375; PHIL 319; POLI 383

Science, Technology and Society

Added a statement in the Introduction: Students may request to have General Studies 507 (Collaborative Learning and Peer Mentoring) counted as a STAS option if they are mentoring in a course required by that program (including General Studies 300 or General Studies 500). Such requests should be addressed to the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs). 

Program Requirements: changed Area III Social Science courses to Science-based Social Science Courses.

Required: all references to Area III Social Science courses changed to "Science-based Social Science Courses" and deleted GEOG 409, 445
Deleted note: Consult the Program Co-ordinator

Options: added STAS 421

Women's Studies

Courses Constituting the Major Field: Required: added note: Students may request that General Studies 507 (Collaborative Learning and Peer Mentoring) be counted as a Women's Studies option if they are mentoring in a Women's Studies course. Such requests should be addressed to the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs).

Options: added CNST 527

Multidisciplinary Degree Programs > BA and BSc in Communication and Culture – removal of “significant” in Introduction

Requirements: added COMS 369 and deleted 365 in point #1

Bachelor of Communication and Culture

Re-wording of Introduction

Requirements; added COMS 369; deleted 365

Intercultural Course List

Africa: deleted ARHI 319, 321

Asia: deleted ANTH 327, POLI 365, 467, 475

Central and Eastern Europe: added POLI 464; deleted POLI 361, 375

Latin America: changed HTST 467 to 467.01 and .02; deleted HTST 391, POLI 391

Middle East: added RELS 201

Native North America: added INDG 312; deleted INDG 311; changed DEST 403 to 401

World Culture: added POLI 464; deleted ANTH 399; POLI 363.

African Studies Minor

Art History 319 and 321 removed from second list.

ANTH 583 removed from 3rd list.

Architectural Studies Minor

Addition of statement regarding admission.

Communications Studies Minor

Increase required course to 2.0 FCE; added COMS 371 and 363 or 369; dropped 361.

1.5 FCE from List A and 1.5 FCE from List B of major field – dropped the Media Studies and Applied Communications lists.

Development Studies Minor

Required courses dropped to 2.0 FCE; DEST 403 added and NPDS 401, 403 dropped.

Option courses increased to 3.0 FCE; DEST 405; GEOG 575; INDG 305, 312, 315, PHIL 451 added; ANTH 365, 371, INDG 311, PHIL 349 dropped.

East Asian Minor

Deleted ANTH 327, POLI 365 and 467.

Film Studies Minor

Added COMS 371 and removed 367 and 567 in the option list.

Latin American Studies Minor

Added GNST 507 and removed HTST 391 in option list.

Law and Society Minor

Added COMS 363 and 369 in option list.

Museum and Heritage Studies Minor

Added ARHI 313, CNST 457, COMS 361, 369, 381, 383, GNST 507, MHST 433 and deleted ANTH 357, ARHI 413, CNST 427, COMS 365, 367, 381, 483, 567, DEST 407.

Science, Technology and Society Minor

Added STAS 421 to second list.

Women's Studies Minor

Removed ANTH 365 and 427 from second list.

Faculty of Education

New Courses
Applied Psychology 602: Counselling Theories and Professional Practice
Applied Psychology 606: Methods of Inquiry in Professional Practice
Applied Psychology 608: Introduction to Statistical Analyses APSY 651: Disorders of Learning and Behaviour
Applied Psychology 616: Assessment Theory and Practices
Applied Psychology 617: Psychological Assessment of Adults
Applied Psychology 622: Developing and Sustaining a Working Alliance with Clients
Applied Psychology 632: Career Development and Services for Organizational Settings
Applied Psychology 635: Advanced History, Theory, and Practice in Psychology
Applied Psychology 634: Multicultural Career Development and Counselling
Applied Psychology 636: Systemic Approaches to Community Change
Applied Psychology 638: Counselling Interventions for Client Change
Applied Psychology 642: Counselling Practicum I
Applied Psychology 644: Counselling Practicum II
Applied Psychology 648: Lifespan Human Development
Applied Psychology 650: Family and Social Bases of Behaviour
Applied Psychology 651: Disorders of Learning and Behaviour
Applied Psychology 652: Academic and Language Assessment
Applied Psychology654: Neurobiological and Developmental Bases of Learning and Behaviour
Applied Psychology 656: Practicum in Academic and Language Assessment and Intervention
Applied Psychology 657: Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment
Applied Psychology 658: Interventions to Promote Cognitive, Academic, and Neuropsychological Well-Being
Applied Psychology 660: Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Assessment
Applied Psychology 664: Psychological Approaches to Health
Applied Psychology 668: Theory and Practice of Clinical Supervision
Applied Psychology 670: Final Project Seminar
Applied Psychology 672: Counselling Exceptional Children
Applied Psychology 674: Interventions to Promote Socio-emotional and Behavioural Well-Being
Applied Psychology 675: Practicum in Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention
Applied Psychology 676: Practicum in Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Assessment and Intervention
Applied Psychology 678: Art Therapy History
Applied Psychology 680: Counselling Graduate Practicum: Selected Topics
Applied Psychology 682: Special Topics: Counselling
Applied Psychology 684: Advanced Seminar in the Domains of School Psychology Leadership and Function in the Schools
Applied Psychology 686: Counselling Graduate Seminar: Selected Topics
Applied Psychology 698: Pre-Master's Internship in School and Applied Child Psychology
Applied Psychology 731: Advanced Clinical Supervision in Applied Psychology
Applied Psychology 732: Advanced Seminar in School and Applied Child Psychology
Applied Psychology 798: Pre-Doctoral Internship in School and Applied Child Psychology
Educational Research 623: Topics in Educational Technology

Deleted Courses
Applied Psychology 303: Statistics in Applied Psychology
Applied Psychology 601: Individual Psychological/Intellectual Assessment
Applied Psychology 645: Cognitive Processes
Applied Psychology 647: Instructional Psychology
Applied Psychology 649: Advanced Study of Learning Theories
Applied Psychology 653: Applied Developmental Psychology: Child
Applied Psychology 655: Applied Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
Applied Psychology 659: Applied Social Psychology
Applied Psychology 683: Psychology of Childhood Disorders
Applied Psychology 685: Individual Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents
Applied Psychology 687: Applied Psychology Practicum: Childhood Disorders
Applied Psychology 688: Practicum in School Psychology
Applied Psychology 689: Behavioural and Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents
Applied Psychology 713: Advanced Seminar in School Psychology I
Applied Psychology 715: Advanced Practicum in School Psychology I
Applied Psychology 717: Advanced Practicum in School Psychology II

Detailed Changes:
3. Bed (Master of Teaching Program)
Introduction – slight re-wording in second paragraph: replaced "... supervised participation in traditional and non-traditional education organizations" with "... and participation in field experiences".

3.2 The Nature of Teacher Education at the University of Calgary: in the last sentence, six thematic units was changed to four.

Year 2 Semester II correction to the title of Education Teacher Preparation 512.

3.5 Admission – Requirements
Removed point 3: A Faculty of Education Statement in support of the application (a form is provided in the application package, which is available upon request).

Secondary Route
(b) replaced from “five to seven full-course sequence…” with “a minimum of five full-course equivalents…”

Energy and Environmental Systems (EESS)
Energy and Environmental Systems 605 change from graded to CR/F

Faculty of Fine Arts
New Courses:
Art History 209: Art: World War II to the Present
Art History 313: Art from 1880-World War II (1939-1945)
Dance 267: Writing Dance
Drama 355: Early to Modern Canadian Theatre and Drama
Drama 357: Contemporary Canadian Theatre and Drama
Music History and Literature 307: Music and the Humanities
Music Theory and Composition 351: The Art of Music Listening

Deleted Courses:
Art History 413: Modern Art: 1880s to the First World War
Drama 356: Canadian Theatre and Drama
Music History and Literature 211: Music and the Humanities

Major Program Changes:
Revisions to program requirements for BA Music and BA Honours Music

Detailed Changes:
Removal of the $25.00 fee for processing a Letter of Permission in the "Course Work at Other Institutions for Transfer of Credit" section.

(BFA) Visual Studies - Studio Concentration
Replaced Art 299 with Art History 207 in 1st year

(BFA) Visual Studies - Developmental Art Concentration
Replaced Art 299 with Art History 207 in 1st year

Combined (BFA) Visual Studies/BEd (Master of Teaching) Program
Replaced Art 299 with Art History 207 in 1st year

BA Dance
Deletion of School of Alberta Ballet paragraph.

1st year - Reversed DNCE 209 and 235 so that 235 is listed first; Removed DNCE 341, 345 and one half junior English and added DNCE 267 and DNCE 331 and 0.5 Open Option
2nd year - Removed DNCE 331, 1 full Open Option and added DNCE 463, 341, 345 and Arts and Science Option
3rd year - Removed 0.5 Open Option and added DNCE 491
4th year - Removed DNCE 491, 0.5 Arts and Science Option, and added 0.5 Open Option and 0.5 Senior Open Option

BFA Drama
Changed DRAM 356 to 355 and 357
Combined BFA Drama Education)/BEd (Master of Teaching)
Changed DRAM 356 to 355 and 357

Revisions to program requirements.

BA Honours (Music)
Required minimum gpa changed to 3.30.
Revisions to program requirements.

Minor in Music
Replaced MUHL 211 with 307.

BMus (Bachelor of Music)
Changed references to "Area Specializations" to "Majors"
Separated the Combined BMus (Music Education)/BEd (Master of Teaching Program) from the other majors in the Introduction

Major in Performance
Mention of MUPF 517 changed to 571 (error correction)

Combined BMus (Music Education)/BEd (Master of Teaching Program)
Changed title of MUPF 104 in 3rd year

Combined BA or BFA (Fine Arts)/BA (Humanities) Program
Admission and Requirements statement reformatted.
Maximum number of junior-level courses changed to 9 FCE
Maximum number of transfer courses in each major is 4 FCE (previously "half of the major")

Diploma Programs
Kodaly Concept of Music Education (Diploma of the Faculty of Fine Arts) - removed as it has been discontinued for several years.

Haskayne School of Business
New Courses:
Accounting 641: Intermediate Financial Accounting I
Accounting 643: Intermediate Financial Accounting II
Accounting 661: Cost Accounting
Accounting 721: Taxation
Accounting 723: Advanced Taxation
Accounting 725: Auditing
Accounting 743: Advanced Financial Accounting
Accounting 745: Accounting Theory
Accounting 765: Managerial Control Systems
Marketing 559: Selected Topics in Marketing

Deleted Courses:
Sustainable Energy Development 627: Major Project
Sustainable Energy Development 627: Introduction to Energy and the Environment in Latin America

Major Program Changes
Degree with Distinction upon Graduation

  • The section has been revised to better serve the new populations within the BComm Program since direct entry was introduced.  The new parameters emulate those found in other faculties and allow students on letters of permission to be considered for distinction.

Prerequisite Grades

  • MGST 493 and 495 now require a minimum grade of C- for graduation.
  • ACCT 323 and BSEN 395 have been made prerequisites to SGMA 591 and by default of being prerequisites now require a minimum C- grade (or a C grade in ACCT 323 for ACCT concentrators).


ENMG – added FNCE 445 and 467 as options and included the “intended career streams” list so students don't have to search elsewhere for it.

MKTG – replaced one senior FNCE, ACCT or OPMA with MKTG 4XX or 5XX and added “or 5XX” wherever MKTG 4XX was already a requirement.

RMIF – added FNCE 467 as an option.

BHRM - name change from “Hotel and Restaurant Management” diploma to “Hospitality Management” to reflect SAIT's diploma name change.

Combined Degrees - removed reference to detailed plan outline for combinations not listed in the calendar.

Detailed Changes:

3.1 Open Studies and Visiting Students - slight re-wording of first sentence

3.3 Course Work - Enrolment in Commerce Courses
- point (2) - changed second sentence to replace "... instructor" with "...area chair and instructor...".
- addition of sentence: "Permission is only granted under exceptional circumstances"..

3.3 Course Work - Credit in Courses "by Special Assessment"
- title of form changed to: "Credit by Special Assessment"

3.4 Student Standing - Degree with Distinction upon Graduation
- revised whole statement and refer to Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management separately

4.1.3 BComm Graduation Requirements
- point 2. MGST 493 and 495 added to list of courses that require a minimum grade of C- Energy Management (ENMG) Concentration
-added FNCE 445 and 467 to option list
- revised footnote
- added list of relevant courses with respect to career streams: Oil and Gas Traders/Commodities Analysts, Energy Negotiations, Energy Project Management

International Business (IBUS) Concentration
-removed HROD 559.07

4.2 Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management
-all references to “Hotel and Restaurant Management” diploma changed to “Hospitality Management”

4.3 Combined Degrees - General Requirements
- last two sentences of the section instructing students to pursue approval of the Associate Dean of both Faculties has been deleted

4.3.2 Combined BComm/BA (BSc) (Social Sciences) Program
- minor revisions - change "Senior Social Sciences Major" to "Senior Course from Social Sciences Major field"

4.3.3 Combined BComm/BSc (Actuarial Science) Program
-1st year - replaced Math 221 with Math 213 and deleted Math 263
-2nd year - removed Math 351 and added Math 353; or Mathematics 381[MATH381] and any course offered in the field of Actuarial Science (except Actuarial Science 425, unless with prior permission of the Division of Statistics and Actuarial Science)
- 4th year - added Math 313 as an alternative to Math 311

4.3.4 Combined BComm/BSc (Computer Science) Program
1st year - deleted Math 221 and replaced it with 213 as an alternative to 211
- added Math 273 as an alternative to 271
- changed CPSC 265 to Junior Social Sciences Option
2nd year - CPSC 355 added, CPSC 301 replaces 333 and ACCT 317 is an alternative to Junior Social Sciences Option
3rd Year - CPSC 449 replaces 345
removed "if not previously competed" note from ACCT 323 as well as the "or Junior Social Sciences Option" alternative
Reordered the footnotes and deleted the note stating that "Students pursuing an Accounting concentration should defer the Junior Social Sciences Option to another year and take ACCT 323 in Year 2.

4.4 Co-operative Education/Internship Program
Regulations - #4 changed 12 or 16 months to four or eight months

Faculty of Humanities
New Courses:
English 203: Foundations: Literary Analysis
English 205: Foundations: Shakespeare
English 265: Introductory Creative Writing
English 340: Foundations: Literature in English from the Middle Ages to the Present Literature in English from the Middle Ages to the Pr
French 489 (formerly French 469): Aspects de la linguistique francaise
Italian 502 (formerly Italian 503): Advanced Textual Analysis
Philosophy 259: Sex, Love and Death
Philosophy 309 (formerly Philosophy 369): Nineteenth Century European Philosophy
Philosophy 311 (formerly Philosophy 469): Twentieth-Century European Philosophy
Philosophy 317: Philosophy and Film
Philosophy 325: Law and Morality
Philosophy 335: Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 345 (formerly Philosophy 447): Issues in Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 361: Evidence
Philosophy 383: Philosophy and Psychology
Philosophy 395: Mind and World
Philosophy 397: Value Theory
Philosophy 401: A Classical Philosopher
Philosophy 403: A Medieval or Renaissance Philosopher
Philosophy 411: Topics in the History of Philosophy
Philosophy 423: Metaphysics
Philosophy 425: Philosophy of Law
Philosophy 451: Contemporary Ethical Theories
Philosophy 461: Epistemology
Philosophy 471: Philosophy of Language
Philosophy 473: Philosophy of Logic
Philosophy 483: Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy 499: Topics in Philosophy
Philosophy 507: Advanced Topics in 19th or 20th Century Philosophy
Philosophy 523: Advanced Topics in Metaphysics
Philosophy 527: Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy 561: Advanced Topics in Epistemology
Philosophy 579: Advanced Topics in Logic
Philosophy 583: Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy 599 (formerly 589): Advanced Topics in Philosophy
Philosophy 623 (formerly Philosophy 621): Topics in Metaphysics
Philosophy 661 (formerly Philosophy 663): Topics in Epistemology
Philosophy 683 (formerly Philosophy 681): Topics in the Philosophy of Mind
Romance Studies 499: Advanced Topics in Language and Culture

Deleted Courses:
English 202: Reading and Writing about Literature
English 240: Literature in English from the Middle Ages to the Present
French 469: Aspects de la linguistique française
Greek 333: Second Year Supplementary Study
Greek 453: Third Year Supplementary Study II
Italian 503: Advanced Textual Analysis
Latin 333: Second Year Supplementary Study
Latin 433: Third Year Supplementary Study I
Latin 453: Third Year Supplementary Study II
Philosophy 319: Law and Philosophy
Philosophy 321: Metaphysics
Philosophy 343: Plato
Philosophy 349: Contemporary Ethical Theories
Philosophy 355: Hume
Philosophy 363: Epistemology
Philosophy 369: Nineteenth Century European Philosophy
Philosophy 371: Philosophy of Language
Philosophy 381: Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy 409: Current Topics in Philosophy
Philosophy 421: Problems in Metaphysics
Philosophy 435: Topics in Aesthetics
Philosophy 443: Aristotle
Philosophy 445: Aquinas
Philosophy 447: Issues in Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 457: Kant
Philosophy 459: Hegel
Philosophy 463: Problems in Epistemology
Philosophy 469: Twentieth Century European Philosophy
Philosophy 481: Problems in the Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy 513: Modal Logic
Philosophy 589: Advanced Topics in Philosophy
Philosophy 621: Topics in Metaphysics
Philosophy 663: Topics in Epistemology
Philosophy 681: Topics in the Philosophy of Mind
Romance Studies 409: Introduction to Translation and Practice

Changes to Existing Courses:
French 315, 317 – title and description
French 349 – hours
German 331, 353, 401 – note
Greek and Roman Studies 413, 415, 417, 419, 421, 423, 425, 431, 433, 445, 447, 455, 457 – hours
Greek and Roman Studies 481 – now NOT repeated for credit
Greek and Roman Studies 491 – now included in GPA
201 - title change
249 - title, description
307 - title, description
333 - title
337 - title, description
405 - title, prerequisite
407 - title, description, prerequisite
Romance Studies 299 - hours
Correction to PHIL 395 – prerequisite should be second year or higher standing (not just second year).

Major Program Changes
All Humanities Degrees- Deletion of the Math/Logic requirement
Ancient and Medieval History BA and BA Honours
BA General Humanities
Philosophy BA and BA Honours
Religious Studies BA

Detailed Changes

1. Summary of Degree Programs - BA Linguistics and Language (Humanities, Social Sciences) removed from Collaborative Programs list as it is technically not a Collaborative program.

3.3 Senior Courses Requiring No Prerequisite
- Philosophy 319 discontinued so removed from list

Permission to Take Course Work at Another Institution for Transfer or Credit
- statement revised to match the other UPO faculties

Minor Field Option
-revised the rule that "at least half of the minimum requirement must be taken at the University of Calgary" to "A maximum of two and one-half full-course equivalents transferred from other institutions may be counted towards the minor field".

3.4 Student Standing
-whole section revised to match the other UPO faculties

3.5 BA with a Major Field
-changed Core Requirement to Language Requirement and removed Math/Logic Requirement

BA with a Double Major Field
-rewording the number of full-course equivalents required in each Major Field and adding a statement about not re-using the same course in the two Major Fields, but allowing a course to satisfy the breadth requirements for both majors.

Honours Degree with a Major Field
Admission - replaced "Departments may set additional requirements" with Departmental recommendation will be required for students entering the Honours program.

Second Baccalaureate Degree With a Major Field
-addition of new statement: Formal application for admission to a second degree program must be made to the Admissions Office. Upon admission to the program, students are advised to contact the Undergraduate Programs Office (UPO) to discuss their academic plans and obtain general advice regarding the requirements of the second degree. The UPO will then prepare a detailed formal assessment outlining the remaining requirements in each individual case.

Other Requirements
- addition of "... excluding those used in point (1)..." in the statement. 

4.1.1 English - Departmental Regulations
-new Introduction, Junior Courses and Foundation Program

4.1.2 BA in English - Requirements
-dropped ENGL 240 and 354; added ENGL 203, 205, 340
-addition of statement: . Students must supply detailed course outlines for each proposed transfer course, in order for such equivalency to be granted.
-removal of statement regarding maximum number of 200-level English.

4.1.3 BA Honours in English
-similar changes as the major

4.1.4 Minor in English
-removal of junior-level limit rule

4.2.1 French, Italian and Spanish - Department Regulations
-Credit by Special Assessment statement moved up

Study Abroad
-name of International Centre changed to Centre for International Students and Study Abroad

4.2.2 BA in French Program - Requirements
-Romance Studies 499 replaces Romance Studies 409

4.2.3 BA Honours in French
-format restructured and some requirements re-worded, but no substantive changes

4.2.4 BA in Italian Studies
- ITAL 502 replaces 503
- ROST 499 replaces 409
-MUHL 211 removed from list 3
4.2.5 BA in Spanish
- ROST 499 replaces 409

4.2.6 BA Honours in Spanish
-re-worded, but no substantive changes

4.2.7 Double Major in French and Spanish
- ROST 499 replaces 409

4.3 Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies

4.3.1 Degrees Offered
-removed Dutch in the list of courses offered by the Department

4.3.2 BA in East Asian Language
- removal of Anthropology 327 in list of Japanese culture courses

4.3.3 BA in German
-Requirements - restructured, but the only change was the addition of the statement: Sufficient number of German courses to bring the total to at least eight full-course equivalents
-Note revised to include GERM 353 as an alternative to 349

4.3.4 BA Honours in German
-Requirements restructured but no substantive change
-Addition of note regarding German 357 and 359

4.3.6 BA Honours in Russian
-removal of Admission statement (these were combined and moved to faculty regulations section)

4.3.7 Minor in Japanese
-removal of ANTH 327

4.4.2 BA in Greek and Roman Studies
-Requirements revised to include 2.0 FCE at the 400 or 500 level and deleted PHIL 343 and 443

4.4.4 BA in Ancient and Medieval History
-revised the courses listed in Requirements section

4.4.5 BA Honours in Ancient and Medieval History
-revised the courses listed in Requirements section

4.4.6 BA Honours in Classical and Early Christian Studies
-removed PHIL 334, 443 and 445 from Requirements section

4.5.2 and 4.5.3 BA and BA Honours in Philosophy
-requirements revised with the removal of the Ethics, Epistemology, Logic, etc. lists

4.5.4 Minor in Philosophy
-revised the course example list

4.5.5 BA in History and Philosophy of Science
-revised course list
-changed the "Other Requirement" section to points 7 and 8

4.5.8 BA in Religious Studies and Applied Ethics Program
-revised Area III statement
-deleted PHIL 349, 319 and added 451

4.6.2. BA in Religious Studies
-restructured the requirements

4.6.3. BA Honours in Religious Studies
-restructured the requirements
-added Note regarding RELS 590

4.9.1 Combined Programs
- put all combined programs, except for BEd (Master of Teaching)

4.11 Collaborative Programs
-corrected title of BA East Asian Studies

Faculty of Kinesiology
New Courses:
KNES 311: Leadership Foundations
KNES 403: Health Promotion
KNES 420: Work Term Experience
KNES 431: Art of Coaching
KNES 441: Practicum A
KNES 443: Practicum B
KNES 445: Practicum C
KNES 606: Practical Skills for Applied Exercise Physiology
KNES 609: Statistical Techniques in Kinesiology
KNES 615: Seminar in Applied Exercise Physiology I
KNES 617: Seminar in Applied Exercise Physiology II
KNES 715: Seminar in Clinical and Applied Exercise Physiology
KNES 785: Training Strategies for Health and Sport

Deleted Courses:

Major Program Changes:
Implementation of optional Work Term
KNES 420 - an optional unpaid work term worth 2.5 full-course equivalents, is now available for all Majors.

Bachelor of Kinesiology (Athletic Therapy)
-add KNES 469 to list of Major requirements.

Name change of Majors
1. Bachelor of Kinesiology (Pedagogy) changed to Bachelor of Kinesiology (Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching).

2.  Bachelor of Kinesiology or Bachelor of Science (Mind Sciences in Kinesiology)  changed major requirements - "one and one-half fce from…." changed to "two and one-half fce from ……"  Some deletions to previous list and addition of others. These changes only on web version of the calendar.

Detailed Changes:

1. Summary of Degree Programs
Graduate - removed: The MSc and PhD degree programs may be taken in a variety of specializations according to the list of faculty research interests, available on the Faculty of Kinesiology website. The two Master of Kinesiology programs are: (a) Art and Science of Coaching; and (b) Exercise and Functional Fitness.

3.3 Course Work
Activity Courses - removed: 200-level courses are introductory and deal primarily with the acquisition and improvement of basic skills and knowledge in the activity.
300-level courses are advanced and deal primarily with the continued acquisition and improvement of intermediate and advanced skills as well as skill analysis, game strategy, and teaching progressions.
Students must either pass the prerequisite 200-level Activity course, or acquire the consent of the Faculty before registering in 300-level Activity courses.
A student receiving credit for a 300-level Activity course may not subsequently receive credit for a 200-level course in the same activity.

Integrated Bachelor's/Master of Science Degree Route
-removed: Based on the above criteria, a small group of students will be interviewed and five to eight5 to 8 students will be admitted annually.

4.1 Requirements
Additional Requirements for Bachelor of Science Programs
-revised Area III courses to "Science-based Social Sciences courses"

4.2.2 Bachelor of Kinesiology (Athletic Therapy)
-Requirements - added KNES 469

4.2.3 Bachelor of Kinesiology (Biomechanics)
Requirements - removed Math 221 as an alternative to 211

4.2.4 Bachelor of Kinesiology or Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Physiology)
-Requirements reordered, but no change

4.2.5 Bachelor of Kinesiology or Bachelor of Science (Mind Sciences in Kinesiology)
-This was updated on-line Sept 2009: Increased Major Requirements to 6.0 fce from 5.0 fce and reduced the number of Options to 6.5 fce. Added some additional footnotes.

4.2.6 Bachelor of Kinesiology (Pedagogy)
Admission - Changed the comletion of KNES 211 with a grade of "B" to successful completion of KNES 201

4.2.7 Bachelor of Kinesiology Honours or Bachelor of Science Honours
Requirements - Associate Dean (Academic) changed to Vice Dean

4.2.10 Combined BKin (Pedagogy)/BEd (Master of Teaching Program)
Requirements - removed DCED 225, 325, KNES 211, one of KNES 331, 335, 371, 381, 397, PHED 333, 349 and 421 from the Major Requirements and reduced the requirement to 3.0 fce

Faculty of Medicine

Deleted Courses:
MDSC 101
MDSC 102
MDCN 380
MDCN 390
MDSC 645.06
MDSC 653

New Courses:
MDCN 410 MDSC 644.01, 644.02 MDSC 651.04 MDSC 708

Changes to Existing Courses: HSOC 201 - description, note
HSOC 301 - description
HSOC 311 - description
HSOC 408 - title
MDCN 340 - description
MDCN 350 - hours, title and description
MDCN 360 - hours
MDCN 370 - hours, description
MDCN 402 - hours
MDCN 420 - hours
MDCN 440 - hours, description
MDCN 450 - hours
MDCN 460 - hours, title, description
MDCN 470 - hours
MDCN 506 - title
MDCN 512 - hours
MDSC 203 - title, description
MDSC 205 - title
MDSC 308 - title
MDSC 351 - description, antirequisite
MDSC 404 - hours, note
MDSC 408 - title
MDSC 508 - title
MDSC 541 - description, note
MDSC 543 - prerequisite, note
MDSC 545 - note
MDSC 604 - note
MDSC 637 - description
MDSC 643 - description, prerequisite, note
MDSC 644 - title, description, note
MDSC 645 - prerequisite, note
MDSC 645.02 - title
MDSC 647 - note
MDSC 647.12 - title
MDSC 651 - title, description
MDSC 651.01 - title
MDSC 659 - note
MDSC 659.06 - title
MDSC 673 - hours
MDSC 674.01 - title
MDSC 685 - AKA

Detailed Changes:

1. Summary of Degree Programs - addition of MSc and PhD under Community Rehabilitation
Addition of Master of Disability and Community Studies to the Graduate paragraph

3.4 Student Affairs - deletion of Community Rehabilitation Students' Association
Re-ordering of BCR information - no substantive changes

3.12 Minor in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
- dropped CORE 593 from third bullet

3.13 Minor in Adapted and Therapeutic Physical Activity
-added CORE 591.38 and dropped CORE 569

4 Bachelor of Health Sciences Honour
4.1 Summary of Programs
-dropped Kinesiology from the list of Faculties
-changed BHSc Undergraduate Office to BHSc Office

4.3.1 Degree Requirements
-changed (f) to 20 HCE from 10 HCE (error correction)

Opportunities to Take Courses at Another Institution for Transfer of Credit
removed: "... and an appropriate letter will be sent to the Registrar at the other university".

4.3.4 Student Standing
-removed footnotes:
3. Students not achieving Honours standing due to the failure to complete all required first year courses (see list below), must complete these required courses within their first 20 half-course equivalents (with a minimum GPA of 3.30) in order to be admitted into Honours and remain in the program. Exceptions may be granted, due to exceptional circumstances such as serious illness or disability, at the discretion of the Associate Dean (USE).
4. Students who do not maintain a GPA of at least 3.30 by the end of Year 2 will meet with members of the department for an annual review to discuss alternative coursework to writing an honours thesis in Year 4 if by the end of Year 3 they have not achieved a GPA of 3.30.

4.4 Admissions
-revised first sentence of Note to read: There are approximately 100 first year students granted admissions each year from the various majors.

Year 1 Admission
-5th bullet revised by the adddition of "as defined in A.2 "Admission Requirements" in the Undergraduate Admissions section of this Calendar"
(c) changed 2nd sentence to: Approximately 100 first year students from the various majors are admitted each year.
references to the Faculty of Medicine throughout section changed to O'Brien Center for the BHSC

Year 2 Admission
-(g) modified with the addition of "...except for Medical Science 203 and Medical Science 205 – inquiry for first year students".

4.5.2 Biomedical Sciences Major
Required Courses
all references to Area III changed to Acceptable Courses from Social Sciences

4.5.2 Bioinformatics Major
-dropped Math 221 as an alternative to 211

4.5.4 Health and Society Major
-in Grid for Social Sciences Concentration Courses - Anthropology - ANTH 307 is removed and the number of required option courses increased to 1.5 fce from 1.0 fce

Faculty of Nursing

Changes to Existing Courses:
NUOS 458 - prerequisite
NUOS 551 - prerequisite and corequisite
NUOS 553 - prerequisite

3. Faculty Regulations
Security Clearance/Criminal Record Check statement revised

Faculty of Science

New Courses:
Biology 435: Biology of Fungi (formally 335)
Biology 453: Introduction to Systems Biology
Biology 551: Systems Biology
Biology 553: Molecular Biophysics
Biology 651: Topics in Systems Biology
Biology 653: Topics in Functional Genomics
Chemistry 211: Foundations of Chemistry:  Structure and Bonding
Chemistry 213: Foundations of Chemistry: Change and Equilibrium
Chemistry 225: The Chemical World
Chemistry 417: Modern Chromatographic Analysis
Computer Science 355: Computer Architecture and Low-Level Programming (formerly 265)
Computer Science 449: Programming Paradigms (formerly 349)
Computer Science 583: Introduction to Information Visualization
Computer Science 629: Elliptic Curves and Cryptography (cross listed with an existing course, Pure Mathematics 629)
Computer Science 697: Biometric Technologies
Geology 609*: Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling
Geology 611: Groundwater Resource Management
Geology 675: Advanced Topics in Dinosaur Paleontology
Geophysics 669: Global Seismology
Geophysics 671: Inverse Theory and Applications I
Geophysics 673: Inverse Theory and Applications II
Mathematics 213: Honours Linear Algebra I
Mathematics 313: Honours Linear Algebra II
Nanoscience 301: Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Nanoscience 401: Advances in Nanoscience
Nanoscience 443: Quantum World of Nanoscience
Nanoscience 502: Nanoscience Methods
Nanoscience 511: Integration of Nanotechnology and Biology for Medical Applications
Nanoscience 599: Special Topics in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Neuroscience 201: Introduction to Neuroscience
Neuroscience 301: Neuroscience Field Course
Neuroscience 321: History, Ethics and Society
Neuroscience 401: Advanced Neuroscience Laboratory
Neuroscience 411: Cellular, Molecular and Systems Neuroscience
Neuroscience 500: Honours Thesis in Neuroscience
Neuroscience 511: Neuroscience Seminar
Neuroscience 521: (Psychology 521) Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuroscience 531: (Psychology 531) Nervous System Development
Neuroscience 541: (Biology 541) Model Systems in Neurobiology
Pure Mathematics 611: Rings and Modules (Double-listed with Pure Mathematics
Software Engineering 437: Software Testing
Software Engineering 541: Modifiability of Large-Scale Software (formerly 543)
Zoology 435: Entomology

Deleted Courses
Biochemistry (Medical Science) 537: Nucleic Acids
Biology 335: Biology of Fungi (renumbered as 435)
Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology 533:
Computer Science 265 (Renumbered as 355) :
Computer Science 349 (Renumbered as 449) :
Physics 347: Thermodynamics
Physics 355: Electromagnetic Theory I
Physics 491: Undergraduate Seminar I
Physics 591: Undergraduate Seminar II
Software Engineering 421:
Software Engineering 543 (Renumbered as 541) :

New Programs
BSc (Honours) in Neuroscience
Minor or Concentration in Nanoscience available to B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Chemical Physics (Honours only), Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, Ecology, Geology, Geophysics, Physics, Zoology programs

Major Program Changes
Remove corequisites from courses offered by the Faculty of Science by September 2009.

Biological Sciences
Biochemistry 443 will be a course constituting the field of Biochemistry.
Chemistry 211 and 213 added as options for the required chemistry component of all programs and Mathematics 213 added as option for the required math component.

1 FCE** chosen from one of Mathematics 249 or 251 or 281 and 253 or 283 or 211 or 213 or Applied Mathematics 217 and 219
1 FCE** chosen from Biology 231 and 233, Chemistry 201 and 203 or 211 and 213, Geology 201 and 203 or Physics 211 or 221 and 223 or 227 and 255
Nanoscience 301 and 401
At least 0.5 FCE and up to 1.5 FCE of courses labelled Nanoscience

1 FCE** chosen from one of Mathematics 249 or 251 or 281 and 253 or 283 or 211 or 213 or Applied Mathematics 217 and 219
1 FCE** chosen from Biology 231 and 233, Chemistry 201 and 203 or 211 and 213, Geology 201 and 203 or Physics 211 or 221 and 223 or 227 and 255
Nanoscience 301, 401 and 502
At least 1 FCE and up to 2 FCE of courses labelled Nanoscience

*All Nanoscience courses (but 502) will carry the following note: Open only to declared Nanoscience Concentrators or Minors, or by consent of the Program Director.
Nanoscience 502
Note: Open only to declared Nanoscience Minors, or by consent of the Program Director.

** None of the courses chosen above can be used to meet major or honours field requirements

Natural Sciences:
Courses constituting the major field changed to include Science 421, 423, 521, 523, 525 which are parts of the Energy Science concentration.
Science breadth changes
Math 213 added as option for 1.0 FCE in Mathematics
Computer science requirement changed to include Computer Science 217, 231 or 235
Concentration requirement changes
Chemistry: Added Chem 211 as an option to 201 and 213 as an option to 203.
Computer Science: Changed Computer Science 265 to Computer Science 355; removed Computer Science 349 as concentration requirement.
Energy Science: Changes to Physics requirements. 
Physics 355 deleted.
1.0 FCE in Physics to include two of Phys 301, 325 or 397

Chemistry 225 is excluded as a course constituting the fields of Applied Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Physics.
Chemistry 211 and 213 is the preferred first-year sequence in the fields of Applied Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Physics.

Computer Science
Lists of all programs have been modified to reflect the re-numberings of Computer Science 265 and 349, as described above.

Minor in Computer Science: Former requirement for Computer Science 349 (now Computer Science 449) has been replaced with a requirement for an option at the 400-level or above.

Eliminate the two-year Geological Sciences core and go back to direct admission into the Geology programs.
Replace the three minor programs in geology with one minor in geology.
In the Geology(PGLG) program, instead of specifically requiring Geology 589.01 and 589.02, now any two courses from the Geology 589 sequence of courses is allowed.

Mathematics and Statistics:
Changes made in programs to accommodate Mathematics 213 and 313.

Physics and Astronomy
Chemistry 211 and 213 added to the list of Chemistry courses that can be chosen to meet first-year science requirements.

Environmental Science:
The course sequences of various concentrations adjusted to accommodate changes in courses of departments, notably the introduction of Chemistry 211 and 213.
The Physics concentration was redone so that students who enter without Pure Mathematics 30 are able to complete their degrees in four years.
The Physics concentration is correct on-line – incorrect in paper.
The Chemistry concentration has been changed: Chem 209 and 0.5 Chem Option has been removed.

Faculty of Social Sciences
New Courses:
Archaeology 639: Stable Isotope Methods in Archaeology
Economics 485: Economics of the Welfare State
Economics 651: Redistribution and Social Insurance
Geography 555: Rapid Urbanization in a Megacity
History 200: Events and Ideas that Shook the World
History 464: The Early National United States
History 675: Selected Topics in History
History 651: Research and Methods Seminar
Indigenous Studies 501.XX: Intergenerational Trauma
Political Science 464: European Politics
Political Science 515: Advanced History of Political Thought
Political Science 517: Advanced Political Theory
Political Science 519: Applied Ethics and Military Force
Political Science 523: Canada and the Circumpolar World
Political Science 554: Gender and Public Policy
Political Science 653: Gender and Public Policy
Psychology 477: Sleep and Biological Rhythms
Psychology 478: Behavioural Neuroscience
Psychology 521/Neuroscience 521: Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Psychology 531/Neuroscience 531: Nervous System Development

Deleted Courses:
Anthropology 307: Introduction to Anthropological Statistics
Anthropology 315: World Survey of Military Institutions
Geography 637: Visual Basic Programming in Geographic Information Systems
History 387: Political History of Ireland from 1603
History 391: Modern Latin American Politics and Society
Political Science 361: Government and Politics of Eastern Europe
Political Science 363: Government and Politics of Western Europe
Political Science 365: Government and Politics of China
Political Science 387: (HIST 387) Political History of Ireland from 1603
Political Science 391: (HIST 391) Modern Latin American Politics and Society
Political Science 467: Japan: Contemporary Political Problems
Political Science 475: International Relations of the Asia Pacific
Political Science 489: Foreign Policies of Major Powers H
Psychology 506: Research in Psychology
Psychology 509: Research in Psychology
Sociology 411: Graphic Presentation of Sociological Data
Sociology 369: Political Sociology

Course Number Change:
History 613 / Strategic Studies 613 to History 520

Detailed Changes:

Addition of BComm/BA, BSc/BA with Science, Schulich and Humanities in International Indigenous Studies and Linguistics and Language in the Degrees Offered table – this is not a change (?), but an error correction

Correct East Asia to East Asian Studies

First Year Options – slight rewording
Web addresses corrected

Statement revised to reflect that students no longer need PMAT 30 or MATH 31 or equivalent for admission, however, students will need PMAT 30 to graduate with a major in Archaeology (Concentration in Physical Anthropology), Economics, Geography or Psychology.

Deleted statement instructing students to attach a letter to their application to offer an explanation for their previously poor record.

Opportunities to Take Courses at Another Institution for Transfer of Credit
“Visiting Students” dropped from title and the statement revised to match the other 3 UPO faculties.

Course Classification
Areas I, II and III deleted.

Student Standing
Section revised to match other UPO faculties.

Degrees With a Major Field
5(b) addition of statement: “excluding Urban Studies and International Relations.
Deletion of statement referring to Areas I, II and III and the requirement for earning a BA vs. a BSC.

Performance Review
Addition of “… and all Social Sciences courses taken since the previous review.” In the second last sentence.

Graduation Requirements
2. Addition of “…over the last 15 FCE” in the first sentence.
8(b) Addition of: “excluding Urban Studies and International Relations”.
Deletion of point 10 which refers to Areas I, II and III and the requirement for earning a BA vs. a BSC.

Co-operative Education
The number of work placements required is now three (from four) as stated in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Addition of sentence: For BA and BSc programs, the required GPA is 2.70. For BA and BSc Honours programs, the required GPA is 3.30

And just two application deadlines: May 1 and December 1.

All of the Co-op programs are listed here by major, rather than with the major program.

BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology
(b) deletion of ANTH 327
Revised the note in Other Requirements by deleting the specific statistics courses and making reference to students taking a Statistics or Quantitative Methods course.

BSc in Primatology
Removal of Anthropology 307; Statistics 333 moved to (c)
Removal of reference to Area requirements in (d)
Deletion of ARKY 417 as an ARKY course accepted as an ANTH course.

BSC Honours in Primatology
Addition of GPA requirements for admission and for yearly reviews.

In Other Requirements, the removal of references to Area III.

Re-wording of the introductory paragraph.

BA, BSc in Archaeology
Re-wording of the introductory paragraph and inclusion of new List A and B.

Removal of ANTH 327 in (b) and addition of ARKY 357 in (c)

BA or BSc with a Concentration in Physical Anthropology
Removal of ANTH 327 in (b)

BA, BSc Honours in Archaeology
Admission statement removed and refers to the Faculty Regulations – Admissions statement.

Removal of ANTH 327 in (c) and ANTH 307 in (g); addition of ARKY 357 in (d)
Same changes in BSc Honours in Archaeology and in BA or BSc Honours with a Concentration in Physical Anthropology

Revision of GPA statement

Degrees Offered:
Removal of BA in Economics and Society
Other Requirements
Slight re-wording and removal of statement advising students to consult the Department Head before pursuing a double major involving Economics and other fields as students do not need to do that.

Addition of Math 213 as an alternative to 211 in the footnote.

BA Honours in Economics
Admission – refer to the faculty statement
Addition of Math 213 as an alternative to 211 in 1st year

Removal of BA in Economics and Society and the “suspended indefinitely” note.

Removal of note under Degrees Offered referring to Areas and the required distribution of courses.

Removed note referring to admission into honours

BA, BSc in Geography
Areas note replaced by: Normally, for the BA degree, the number of courses taken from list A below must exceed the number taken from list B. For the BSc degree, the number of courses taken from list B below must exceed the number taken from list A.

Note: This later got changed to: For the BA, a student must have a minimum of 6.0 full-course equivalents in lists (A + C), including at least 1 full-course equivalent at the 400/500 level in list A. For the BSc, a student must have a minimum of 5.5 full-course equivalents in lists (B + C), including at least 1 full-course equivalents at the 400/500 level from list B.

Addition of table with List A, B and C courses.

BA in Geography
GEOG 367, GEOG 391 added; COMS 369 added as an alternative to COMS 361, 363 or SCIE 311.

Reference to Area II replaced by List A and C.

BSc in Geography
GEOG 367, 437, 391 added; GEOG 383 deleted; reference to Area III changed to List B and C.
COMS 369 added as alternative to COMS 361, 363 or SCIE 311; CHEM 211 an alternative to 201; CHEM 213 added as an alternative to 203; MATH 213 an alternative to 211 and MATH 221 removed.
BA, BSc Honours in Geography
Admission statement removed and replaced by reference to faculty regulations.

List C in the Geography Course Table replaces Illustrative Undergraduate Course Groupings – Techniques, Methods and Philosophy, in the Geography section of the Courses of Instruction with List C in the Geography Course Table.
CHEM 211 an alternative to 201; CHEM 213 added as an alternative to 203; MATH 213 an alternative to 211 and MATH 221 removed.

BA, BSc in Transportation Studies removed and listed in the Collaborative Programs section near the end of the Social Sciences chapter.

Areas of Concentration in History
Canada: added History 520
Europe: removed History 387
Latin America: removed History 387 and 391
United States: added History 464
World: added History 200; removed 391, 497

Honours admission statement removed and replaced with reference to faculty regulations.

BA and BA Honours in Ancient and Medieval History
Program details removed and will be housed in the Faculty of Humanities only. This is to eliminate the need to make any changes in two places.

BA in International Indigenous Studies
Major Field Requirements:
Removed: Social Work 553.30 and 553.311; NPDS 401, ARHI 311 and added DEST 403.

Schulich School of Engineering

New Courses:
ENCH 651Engineering Fuel Cells” (currently ENCH 619.51)
ENCH 687 “Petroleum Economics” (currently ENCH 619.87)
ENGO 658 “Geocomputation”

Deleted Courses:
BMEN 105 “Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Research”
ENCI 101 “Computer Aided Drafting in Civil Engineering” (block-week course)
ENGO 509 “Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Applications” (course remains as BMEN 509 “Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Applications”)
ENGO 532 “Photogrammetric Techniques for Reconstruction and Manipulation of Biomedical Data” (course remains as BMEN 513 “Photogrammetric Techniques for Reconstruction and Manipulation of Biomedical Data”)

Major Program Changes
Biomedical Engineering Specialization Practicum:

Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering:

  • Beginning 2009/2010, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering will have a common second year. As a result, the combined Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering quota (165 students) is used for second year admission. At the end of second year, students choose Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • Changes were made to the Computer Engineering and the Electrical Engineering course lists to accommodate this common second year.

Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering Minor:

  • Reorganization of Technical Elective requirements into four Group A and four Group B courses
  • Remove GLGY 401 Physical Hydrology from Group A course list
  • Replace ENEE 555Energy and Environmental Systems Analysis” in Group A course list with ENEE 573Engineering Aspects of Sustainable Communities”

Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering Minor:

  • Reorganization of Technical Elective requirements into four Group A and three Group B courses

Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering Minor:

  • Removed TRAN 599 “Independent Research in Transportation Issues” as a core course
  • Reorganization of Technical Elective requirements into four Group A and three Group B courses
  • Remove all 700 level courses from the list of technical electives

4th Year Oil & Gas Engineering

  • ENPE 509 “Well Testing” has been added as core fourth year course (rather than a fourth year technical elective).

Faculty of Social Work

New Courses:

Deleted Courses:

Detailed Changes:

3.3 Course Work
Field Practicum -changed last sentence of first paragraph to include "...all required 300 level Social Work" and changed "...commencing field practica" to "registering in field practica".

4.1.1 University Transfer Route: Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge
Admission -revised second paragraph by removing the sentence "Applicants who have not completed Social Work 201 (or equivalent) may be admitted on a conditional basis" and added "...and must be completed prior to admission".

Requirements - changed footnote by adding the word "required" and SOWK 410 or 412

4.1.2. Post-Diploma Route: Calgary and Edmonton
Requirements - changed footnote by adding the word "required" and SOWK 410 or 412

4.1.3 Learning Circles University Transfer Route
Requirements - changed footnote by adding the word "required" and SOWK 410 or 412

4.1.3 Learning Circles Post-Diploma
Requirements - changed footnote by adding the word "required" and SOWK 410 or 412

4.1.4 After Degree Students
Requirements - Learning Circles
-removal of: Note: Normally all 300-level Social Work courses and non-Social Work courses must be completed prior to registering in Practicum courses.

Removed section: Affiliated Agencies

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

1. Summary of Degree Programs

-removal of: "Details of specific programs appear in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar"; addition of: "The approval process for the Veterinary Medical Sciences graduate program is underway" and: "Details of specific programs appear in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar and on the web".

2. Faculty Information

Introduction -minor revisions

-removal of: There are no rotations scheduled in December of the final year to allow time for student evaluation and for students to prepare for the North American Veterinary Licensing Examinations (NAVLE).
-revision of last paragraph
-removal of "Objectives" section

Opportunities -AVMA changed to ABVMA

-removal of:  Educational space dedicated specifically to the DVM educational program at the HSC includes a classroom, 4 small group teaching rooms, 2 teaching laboratories, a student lounge, student organization offices, and a learning area.  Educational space shared with other programs at the HSC includes 5 lecture theatres, 24 classrooms, the Medical Skills Centre, and a variety of special purpose rooms for videoconferencing, informatics, and laboratory activities.

and: Clinical resources to support the DVM program are provided by a combination of institution-owned animals, partnerships that provide animals and patients for on-campus instruction, and through partnerships that provide off-campus exposure to animals in affiliated veterinary practices.

3. Faculty Regulations

Minimum Academic Requirements
(b) A minimum average of 3.00 (B, or its equivalent) over the best two full years.
(c) A minimum average of 3.00 (B, or its equivalent) within the most recent full year of undergraduate study.
(d) A minimum average of 3.00 (B, or its equivalent) or above on ...

3.2 Registration
-revised second paragraph to state that immunization must be received following admission (rather then shortly after registration day)

3.3 Policies Relative to Practicum Experiences
-removed: The Associate Dean (Clinical Programs) will be consulted or informed about any such situation or action.

3.6 Appeals Process
-removal of: Appeals at the Faculty level must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean (Academic) within 15 days of the event or ruling giving rise to the appeal.

3.7 Fees and Expenses
-removal of: Tuition fees are being established at press time and will be available on the Faculty website at  http://www.vet.ucalgary.ca/. and: are charged a one-time safety equipment fee in their first year of study ($200 in 2008-09, reviewed annually).

Co-operative Education/Internship

2.1 Application Deadlines:
Faculty of Social Sciences deadlines changed to May 1 and December 1 (from May 15, September 15 and January 15).