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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Combined Degrees
Combined Degrees
Two degrees offered by two Faculties or within one Faculty requiring a minimum of five years to complete.
Faculties Degree Years Major
Communication and Culture/Education BA/BEd 5 Canadian Studies/Education
Fine Arts/Education BFA/BEd

Drama Education/Education
Music Education/Education
Visual Studies/Education

Fine Arts Humanities BA/BA
Art History or Music/All Majors in Humanities
Visual Studies/All Majors in Humanities
Haskayne/Humanities BComm/BA 5 Commerce/All Majors in Humanities
Haskayne/Kinesiology BComm/BKin 5 Commerce/Kinesiology (General)
Haskayne/Science BComm/BSc 5 Commerce/Actuarial Science or Computer Science
Haskayne/Social Sciences BComm/BA or BComm/BSc 5 Commerce/All Majors in Social Sciences
Humanities BA/BA 5 All Majors in Humanities
Humanities/Education BA/BEd 5 French/Education
Kinesiology/Education BKin/BEd 5 Kinesiology (Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching)/Education
Kinesiology/Nursing BKin/BN 5 Kinesiology (General)/Nursing (Regular Track)
Schulich/Humanities BSc(Eng)/BA 5 All Majors in Schulich/All Majors in Humanities except General Humanities
Schulich/Social Sciences BSc(Eng)/BA or BSc(Eng)/BSc 5 All Majors in Schulich/All Majors in Social Sciences
Science BSc/BSc or BSc/BA 5 All Majors in Science
Science/Education BSc/BEd
General Mathematics in Education/Education
Natural Sciences/Education
Science/Humanities BSc/BA or BA/BA 5 All Majors in Science/All Majors in Humanities
Science/Social Sciences BSc/BSc, BSc/BA, BA/BSc or BA/BA 5 All Majors in Science/All Majors in Social Sciences
Social Sciences BA/BA, BA/BSc or BSc/BSc 5 All Majors in Social Sciences
Social Sciences/Humanities BSc/BA or BA/BA 5 All Majors in Social Sciences/All Majors in Humanities
Social Sciences/Medicine BA/BCR or BSc/BCR 5 Psychology/Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies