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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Awards and Financial Assistance Transfer Awards
Transfer Awards
General Information and Policies

Transfer awards are offered to transfer students admitted to the U of C in the upcoming Fall Term as a transfer student and U of C students returning to the University of Calgary after having completed the full previous academic year at another post-secondary institution as a visiting or exchange student

  • Eligibility: Transfer students entering the U of C must have the equivalent of at least four full-course equivalents (24 units) in transfer credit completed at another post-secondary institution to be eligible for these awards. Continuing U of C students in exchange programs who are returning to the University of Calgary must have the equivalent of at least four full-course equivalents (24 units) in transfer credit completed at their host institution.  Transfer courses extra to degree will not be included. Students must be pursuing a first degree. Students entering or continuing in the Bachelor of Education (Master of Teaching Program) are not eligible for Transfer Awards. In order to be considered for scholarships, students must normally present a minimum GPA of 3.20 on four full-course equivalents; to be considered for bursaries, students must normally present a minimum GPA of 2.60 on four full-course equivalents.  Note:  The GPA cut offs are typically much higher than these minimums.
  • Requirements: The payment of monetary awards, with the exception of certain prizes and graduating scholarships, is contingent upon the student maintaining full-time status in the immediate Fall and Winter terms. Unless otherwise stated in the conditions, the recipient must be in actual full-time attendance at the University of Calgary before receiving the awards. Payment of tuition and fees is the first charge against such awards. If the value of an award is stated as "tuition and fees", it is understood not to include differential fees. Supplemental, deferred and special deferred examinations or term work may affect eligibility for certain awards.
  • Application:  The Transfer Awards Online Application is available in the Student Center through the myUofC portal.
  • Deadline:  Submit the Transfer Awards Online Application on or before October 1.
  • Notification: Successful applicants will be notified by email in late November/early December.
  • Note: Selection is based on the most recently completed 24 units as determined by the Admissions Office