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Awards and Financial Assistance

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High School Awards April 1
Outstanding Achievement Awards December 15 (year prior to entering)
Seymour Schulich Scholarships and Awards December 15 (year prior to entering)
Medical Elective Awards April 1
Faculty of Law Awards May 1
Faculty of Medicine Awards June 15
Undergraduate Awards August 1
Faculty of Education Awards August 1
Transfer Awards October 1

Students should carefully consider the cost of financing a post-secondary education from the very first term through to the completion of their degree. Paying for a university education is ultimately the responsibility of the student; you are expected to utilize all available resources including family contributions.  If you require additional financial assistance, you should make the necessary applications well in advance of enrolment.  Students should be aware of the application deadlines for grants, awards and government student loans. While the needs and resources of each student differ, the University can provide a general list of fees and expenses normally encountered.

Note: If you wish to apply for U of C awards, please visit to access award applications.

Application Procedure and Deadlines

All award applications are electronic and are available online in the PeopleSoft Student Center through the myUofC portal (Students may access the portal from the U of C home page or from the Student Awards and Financial Aid website).  Award applications must be submitted on or before the specified deadlines (visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid website frequently for the most current information). Where no application is required, selections are made automatically on the basis of academic merit.

Award Payment Information

The payment of monetary awards, with the exception of certain prizes and graduating scholarships, is contingent upon the student maintaining full‑time status in the immediate Fall and Winter terms. Unless otherwise stated in the conditions, the recipient must be in actual full‑time attendance at the University of Calgary before receiving the awards. Exceptions are made for students participating in Official Exchange and Term Abroad Programs where tuition is paid to the University of Calgary. In order to support international study experience, students attending an international post-secondary institution as a full-time Visiting Student on a Letter of Permission and paying tuition to that institution, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Payment of tuition and fees is the first charge against such awards. If the value of an award is stated as "tuition and fees", it is understood not to include differential fees. Supplemental, deferred and special deferred examinations or term work may affect eligibility for certain awards.

Policy and Regulations

  • In support of the Academic Plan, awards are distributed among the most deserving students and in keeping with the terms of reference for the award.
  • If a student is granted an award, the University of Calgary reserves the right to release pertinent information to award donors, high schools, provincial funding bodies, U of C faculty and administrative offices and public news agents.  Specific information may be used for U of C promotional purposes.
  • The University assumes liability for the payment of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other awards only to the extent that gifts from donors, or returns from particular investments for these purposes, will permit.
  • As this Calendar is published a considerable time before the opening of the academic term, the University reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances may require, including cancellation or addition of particular awards.


Definitions and Requirements

Scholarship: A scholarship is an award given to a student selected primarily on the basis of academic standing. In order to be considered for a scholarship, a student must normally present a minimum grade point average of 3.20.
Prize: A prize is an award given in recognition of a specific accomplishment. Prizes may take the form of books, plaques, subscriptions or cash, but normally have a value not exceeding $300.
Bursary: A bursary is an award given to a student based on academic merit but where there is also a need of financial assistance. In order to be considered for a bursary, a student must normally present a minimum grade point average of 2.60.
Competitive Award: A competitive award is an award based on academic merit.  If stated in the conditions of the award, other criteria such as extracurricular activities, leadership involvement, contribution to community or campus life, and financial need will be considered.  Students must complete an application to be considered for competitive awards.
Nominated Award: A nominated award is an award based solely on academic merit and is normally designated to a specific faculty.  Nomination is made automatically by the faculty without need for application by the student.
Student Loan: A student loan is issued with the understanding that the funds will be repaid upon the completion of full-time studies. Both the Federal and Provincial Governments provide student loan plans; refer to the Government Student Aid Plans section of this Calendar.