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Creating a welcoming and inclusive work and learning environment for our university family

Roundtable discussion March 23 sheds light on black contributions and lived experience

Diversity Week wraps up with TED-style lecture series and free lunch

Q&A with Indian scholar Espita Halder about her research project through Diversity Week

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One of the main functions of our office involves protected disclosure issues. We can help. 

Protected Disclosures include any disclosure that is consistent with the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act (PIDA), that involves an allegation of a breach of the Code of Conduct, or that involves a breach of any other University policy where a respondent is an academic staff member, appointee, contractor, volunteer or postdoctoral scholar.


Contact Us

The University of Calgary established the Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure (ODEPD) to advance the core values of collaboration, communication, support and excellence which underlie the university's strategic direction, Eyes High.

Director, Dr. Valerie Pruegger
Phone: (403) 210-6699 
Office: AD 116B 

Protected Disclosure Advisor, Shirley Voyna Wilson
Phone: (403) 220-4086 
Office: AD 116A 

Office Administrator, Andrea Berbic
Phone: (403) 220-4439 
Office: AD 116 

Research Assistant, Taoting Li
Phone: (403) 220-4405
Office: AD116