University Legal Services

is led by General Counsel; we represent the University of Calgary in all legal and privacy matters.

What we do


senior leadership and the University in all legal matters, as well as retain and oversee external counsel on behalf of the University.


and review agreements on behalf of the University.


the development and consultation process of University Policies and Procedures.


the University's compliance with applicable legislation, e.g. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, c F-25.


Legal advice and notary services

Our office does not provide legal advice or notary services for non-University business or personal matters.

For non-University business or personal matters, please contact Legal Services at UCalgary Law in the Faculty of Law.

Legal Services at UCalgary Law

Non-Research-related agreements and intellectual property

We provide legal advice and support to senior administration of the University. All requests for assistance from a University lawyer must:

  • be from a ucalgary.ca email address;
  • have Director or SLT level approval, with the relevant Director or SLT member copied on the request; and,
  • provide an explanation of the background of the matter, the legal advice being sought, and the key business terms of any proposed arrangement or agreement.

At this time, we are unable to respond to urgent or time sensitive requests. Due to the significant volume of requests we are receiving from across the University, you can expect to receive an initial response from us within 4 to 6 weeks. If you have not heard from us within that time frame, we kindly ask that you refrain from sending further follow-up emails.

Please note that no person is authorized to sign any document if it creates an obligation on behalf of the University unless it is signed in accordance with the Delegation of Authority ("DOA") Policy. Currently, responsibility for signing legal agreements lies only at the executive and senior leadership level. Please refer to the DOA webpage for more details.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

University Legal Services


Research-related agreements and intellectual property

The Cumming School of Medicine's Legal Research Services team (CSM Legal), provides legal review of research-related contracts and agreements for researchers appointed to the Cumming School of Medicine.  The CSM Legal team can assist with drafting, negotiation and execution of research contracts.  For more information click here.


The Legal and Intellectual Property team in Research Services oversees the creation and review of research agreements for all faculties except in the Cumming School of Medicine.  For more information click here


Confirmation of legal entity status

Are you being asked to provide a copy of the University's certificate of incorporation or business registration number?

If so, use our confirmation of legal entity status.

Click here

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