Intellectual Property Policy

Classification: Research

Effective Date: January 28, 1988

Last Revision: April 29, 1994


May 28, 1987: Approved by the General Faculties Council.

January 28, 1988: Approved and adopted by the Board of Governors.

May 19, 1988: Amended by the Board of Governors.

January 1992: Following consultations with Dean's Council, the Research Policy Committee, and the Intellectual Property Committee, the President appointed an ad hoc committee to review the University's Intellectual Property Policy. The committee was composed of five Members of the Academic Staff, two nominated by the Research Policy Committee and two nominated by the Intellectual Property Committee plus a Chair.

September 1992: The review committee invited all faculties, TUCFA, AUPE, and a variety of officers, committees, individuals and organizations to make oral and/or written submissions. The invitation was also extended to all Members of the University through advertisements placed in the Gazette. Written responses were examined and oral presentation heard in early 1993.

September 1993: The review committee reported to the President. The report was referred to the Research Policy Committee and copies of the report were also circulated to faculties, to coordinate responses from those within the faculty, a number of University committees, offices, and officers, as well as to those who had made previous submissions. The results of this second University-wide consultation were considered by the Research Policy Committee at meetings in October and November.

December 1993: Recommendations formulated for action by the University Planning Committee (UPC). UPC accepted the report and proposed revised policy (with the minor changes suggested by the Research Policy Committee).

January 1994: UPC recommended that GFC approve the proposed revised policy.

March 1994: GFC approved and recommended the same to the Board.

April 29, 1994: The Board of Governors formally approved and adopted the proposed revised policy.

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