Sunny Guo

Sunny Guo

Sunny is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Neuroscience program at the UofC. Her research interests involve using advanced neuroimaging techniques to examine structural differences following pediatric mild TBI and their long-term cognitive effects. 

Supervisors: Keith Yeates, Catherine Lebel

Lab: Brain Injury Research in Children (BIRCh) Lab

Funding: Rick 'Tiger' Williams Summer Studentship (2019) 



Guo, S., Ware, A.L., Shukla, A., Greeraert, B., Goodyear, B., Lebel, C., & Yeates, K.O. Examination Of Participant Factors That Contribute To MRI Motion Artifact In Children With Mild Traumatic Brain Or Orthopedic Injury. 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Developmental Psychobiology, Chicago, USA, October 2019.