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Indigenous Engagement Team

Shawna Cunningham

Shawna Cunningham

Acting Vice-Provost (Indigenous Engagement)

Michael Hart

Michael Hart

Vice-Provost (Indigenous Engagement) & Associate Vice-President, Research (Indigenous Engagement) - On administrative leave until July 1, 2024


Svetlana Ponic Vakanjac

Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost Indigenous Engagement
Administration AD100


Carol Gelette

Operations Manager, Office of Indigenous Engagement
Administration AD100

Reg Crowshoe

Reg Crowshoe

Elder with the University of Calgary
Science A 157E


jenn ksionzena

Jennifer Ksionzena

Analyst, Indigenous Data & Strategic Reporting 
Science A 157


Gerald Ratt

Specialist, Indigenous Intercultural Initiatives
Science A 157D


Lynne Motoska

Coordinator, Communications and Special Events
Science A 157


Jonathon Brewer

Coordinator, Cultural Protocols
Science A 157

Norma Jeremick'ca Gresl

Norma Jeremick'ca Gresl

Manager, Community Outreach & Program Development
Science A 157



Megan Asselin

Coordinator, Indigenous Strategy Implementation
Administration AD100


Bridgette Badowich

Project Assistant
Science A 157

Harold Zhu

Harold Zhu

Research Assistant, Intercultural Education
Science A 157

The vision of ii' taa'poh'to'p is supported by various internal groups, committee members and volunteers.

Indigenous UPartners

Keeta Galdue

Research Services

Keeta Gladue
Manager, Indigenous Research Support Team


Student Services

Karen MacDonald
Manager, Writing Symbols Lodge

Supporting Groups

  1. Communications

    Sarah McGinnis
    Senior Director, Communications

  2. Institutional Development 

    Shelsea Willett
    Associate Director of Development, Corporations Foundations

  1. Strategic Events

    Melissa McKay
    Director, Strategic Events

  2. Community Development

    DJ Kelly
    Director, Community Partnerships

Chair: Michael Hart, VP, Indigenous Engagement  
Vice Chair: Shawna Cunningham, Director, Indigenous Strategy 
Cultural Advisor: Reg Crowshoe, University of Calgary Elder

Current members listed in alphabetical order:

Black, Kerry (Schulich School of Engineering)

Brewer, Jonathon (Indigenous Engagement)

Christensen, Stacy (Campus Planning)

Crowshoe, Reg (Spiritual and Cultural Advisor)

Cunningham, Shawna (Indigenous Strategy)

Dambrowitz, Amy (Registrar)

Gelette, Carol (Indigenous Engagement)

Gladue, Keeta (Manager, Indigenous Research Support Team)

Gomes, Jean (Office of Institutional Analysis)

Hart, Michael (VP Indigenous Engagement)

Jeremick’ca Gresl, Norma (Indigenous Engagement)

Kenny, Natasha (Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning)

Ksionzena, Jennifer (Indigenous Engagement)

Lai, Liz (Strategic Events)

LeBlanc, Sheila (Continuing Education)

MacDonald, Karen (Manager, Writing Symbols Lodge)

MacLeod, Kaia (Libraries & Cultural Resources)

Markides, Jennifer (Werklund School of Education & Faculty of Social Work)

McMillan, Vaughan (Writing Symbols Lodge)

Mosher, Dianne (Cumming School of Medicine)

Motoska, Lynne (Indigenous Engagement)

Pruvot, Mathieu (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)

Ratt, Gerald (Indigenous Engagement)

Rezaei-Afsah, Ermia (SU VP Student Life)

Tam, Dora (TUCFA)

Touchie, Asya (Continuing Education)

Yanushkevich, Svetlana (Schulich School of Engineering)

Wheeler, Nicole (Human Resources)

Wood, Vanessa (Student & Enrolment Services)

1. Inclusivity and the Student Experience

2. Faculty and Staff Experience

3. Inter-cultural Capacity Building

4. Academic Programs

5. Community Engagement / Places and Spaces

6. Policies, Procedures, and Practice

7. Renewal and Community Reporting