Courageous Conversations: December 10

Human Rights Day: Ableism, Disability Justice and Accessible Futures in Post-Secondary Education

About the speakers

Dr. Laverne Jacobs (she/her) is a full Professor of Law at the University of Windsor in Canada, and a person with physical disabilities. Through her research, she explores the lived experiences of people with disabilities in relation to the law and she uses her scholarship to further disability equality and inclusion. Dr. Jacobs is the lead author of several books and articles including the first law and disability textbook in Canada (Law and Disability in Canada (2021)), and the Annotated Accessible Canada Act (2021). Dr. Jacobs is the Founding Director of  The Law, Disability and Social Change Project, a research and public advocacy centre at Windsor Law that works to foster and develop inclusive communities. She is also Co-Director of the Disability Rights Working Group of the Berkeley Law Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law. Dr. Laverne Jacobs is Canada’s nominee for the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2023-2026.

Dr. Jay Dolmage is committed to disability rights in his scholarship, service, and teaching. His work brings together rhetoric, writing, disability studies, and critical pedagogy. His first book, entitled Disability Rhetoric, was published with Syracuse University Press in 2014. Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education was published with Michigan University Press in 2017 and is available in an open-access version online. Disabled Upon Arrival: Eugenics, Immigration, and the Construction of Race and Disability was published in 2018 with Ohio State University Press. He is also the Founding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies.




Oki nistowaok Sipiyanatohkomia”ki. Colleen Sitting Eagle is Siksika Language Instructor at Siksika Outreach School located in Siksika Nation, teaching in Siksika since 2009. Having previously worked as a researcher with Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Colleen has been employed with Siksika culture and heritage since 1992, and knowledge of Siksika history was taught to her by her late parents and knowledgeable elders whom she had the honor of working with. She was one of the first groups from Siksika to be integrated to start her schooling in Strathmore, AB. She previously attended and continues to take courses from the University of Calgary. She is the proud mother of three children and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Laverne Jacobs
Dr. Jay Dolmage
Elder Colleen Sitting Eagle

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