Olympic Oval

Together, we will energize the next generation of Canadian Olympians

Winning athletes come from great training grounds. And great training grounds need a winning team behind them.

The Olympic Oval has always drawn its power from the community. Now we look to energize the future — with new skaters, a new pathway to excellence and a recharged facility.

The Oval is the only indoor long track national training centre in Canada.

Maintaining this great community asset as The Fastest Ice in the World™ gives young Canadian skaters an edge, and will position the Oval as the go-to facility for world competition — for long track and short track speed skating.

Fulfilling its mandate, the Oval has been generating excellence since 1988 and now seeks to build on the legacy.

As an iconic training, learning and competition space at the university, the Oval aspires to an even brighter future — unleashing potential, benefiting society and strengthening ties to the community.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Enabling high performance

Enabling personal-best achievement requires full support.

Taking the financial burden off developing athletes enables necessary high performance.

Intact Insurance Olympic Oval Bursaries awarded to seven students for the 2015-16 season have provided generous assistance.

The Oval Athlete Bursary fund, created by Olympic Oval Liaison Catriona Le May Doan, helps alleviate some of the financial strains. It supports deserving locally trained athletes in a variety of ways — helping to pay for competition travel, training, equipment, clothes, rent and food. 



Developing energizing technology

Located at the heart of campus, the Oval is an integral part of the university’s Faculty of Kinesiology.

Since 1988, university scholars have conducted research with Oval-based athletes to advance the science of human performance. The Oval is an incomparable laboratory that inspires the Calgary community.

Whether developing new technology, working on faster starts, synching eye/movement coordination or strengthening mental fortitude, our research helps athletes move more efficiently, prevent injury and gain the competitive edge.



Active hub for the community

The Oval is a popular learn-to-skate and family-skate destination. It is a hub for active living and a place for family memories.

In addition to skating, hundreds of Calgarians use the newly installed running track at the facility.

During summertime, the Oval is used for corporate events, sports tournaments, Calgary’s science fair and as the convocation rallying point for the university’s graduating class.

For sport enthusiasts, the Oval offers up World Championship and international speed skating competitions for the broader community.



Join us in energizing the next generation of Canadian Olympians

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Lisa Robertson
Associate Director of Sponsorship & Events
Olympic Oval