Numerical Methods & Computing

Numerical Methods and Computing is used in a variety of ways to enhance and aid aerospace research.


Numerical Methods and Computing encompasses research spanning several departments. This includes Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical and Software Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The research includes numerical optimization for aerospace applications such as wing profile design or traffic control, and addressing problems in visual computing using scientific computing, high performance computing, and data science. It also involves pattern recognition and probabilistic decision making.

Many of the facilities focus directly on Numerical Methods and Computing, or heavily utilize it in their research projects.


Groups and Labs

Visualization and Graphics Group (VISAGG)

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Spatial Analysis Research in Computational Science Laboratory (SPARCS)

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Aerospace and Compressible Flow Research (AERO-CORE) Group

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Computational Fluids and Structural Mechanics Group (CFSM)

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