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Interested in launching a rocket in New Mexico with 100 other teams from all around the world? Want to build your own RC controlled plane and fly it at a competition in California? Ever thought about designing your own flight control system for an autonomous drone? Join one of our aerospace teams and meet like-minded students.

Noreen SOAR Propulsion Team

Through SOAR, I have met so many amazing people, gained technical engineering experience and learned about the aerospace industry. SOAR has elevated my engineering education by allowing me to use my classroom knowledge as a foundation, and enhancing it with hands on experience.

Noreen Abdelwahab

Propulsion Team, SOAR

IREC 2018 SOAR Team Rocket


The Student Organization for Aerospace research is Alberta’s foremost student rocketry group, a platform for high altitude research and a major student initiative to provide aerospace education outreach and awareness. The two main divisions of SOAR are Rockets and High Altitude Science (HAS). The Rockets division competes annually in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) hosted at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The competition involves University teams designing, manufacturing, and launching a sounding rocket to an altitude specified by the category we compete in. This year SOAR is entering the 30,000 ft Hybrid Rocket Category. The Balloons Division consists of the development of research payloads and launching them aboard sounding balloons to gain valuable scientific data. This year the team is launching two balloons with a radiation science and a datalogging payload.

SOAR is a student led and operated and consists of close 100 student members, graduate advisors and academic advisors. The students involved with SOAR come from multiple faculties and disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, physics, computer science, business, arts and more. The team has two academic advisors, Dr. Craig Johansen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Chris Cully from the Department of Physics and Astronomy. We also have an engineering graduate student group who act as advisors for the team. SOAR is primarily an extracurricular club where students get to expand on engineering principles learned in class and apply them to real-world aerospace applications with time and resource constraints.

Schulich Aero Design

Schulich Aerodesign competes in the annual SAE Aero Design Competitions, which annually hosts 75 teams from around the world who come to fly their planes. In this competition, engineering students design, build, and fly a heavy-lift remote controlled aircraft. Students are challenged to develop the best aircraft within the competition constraints on vehicle dimensions, electric motor power, and material selection. Through this competition, students develop their engineering skills in aerodynamic and structural design, and learn hands on skills in project management and manufacturing. In order to develop an effective aircraft, students are required to validate analytical and computational models against actual performance measured by testing and experimentation. Hosted by SAE and Lockheed Martin, the competition provides students with the opportunity to network with aerospace industry professionals and other students who will go on to work in the aerospace industry.

Aerodesign Team 2018
Schulich UAV Team

Schulich UAV (SUAV)

Schulich UAV designs unmanned aerial vehicles and has competed in the Unmanned Systems Canada Challenge.

This competition is distinct from the competition attended by the Schulich AeroDesign team and has different learning outcomes for student members. This competition’s design objectives focuses on autonomous flight and the relevant software and electronics to make it work. To be successful, the team must have a high degree of collaboration between the mechanical, electrical and software sub-teams. This is a shift from their previous competition (the Unmanned Systems Canada competition) which was mostly focused on camera/vision systems. SUAV is a great way for students to get involved on campus and gain valuable aerospace-related experience while developing useful skills and making life-long friends along the way.