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Interested in aerospace design and manufacturing? Want to participate in competitions and science missions? Join one of our aerospace teams to meet like-minded students. Together, our teams work on rockets, satellites, RC controlled planes, and autonomous drones.

Through SOAR, I have met so many amazing people, gained technical engineering experience and learned about the aerospace industry. SOAR has elevated my engineering education by allowing me to use my classroom knowledge as a foundation, and enhancing it with hands on experience.

Noreen SOAR Propulsion Team

Noreen Abdelwahab

Propulsion Team, SOAR

IREC 2018 SOAR Team Rocket

Student Organization for Aerospace Research

The Student Organization for Aerospace Research (SOAR) serves as the rocketry team for the University of Calgary. SOAR is an extracurricular student team focused on designing, building, testing, and flying high powered sounding rockets at international competitions. The team provides students the opportunity to apply concepts taught in class in the context of complex and intricate projects, eventually culminating in a complete launch vehicle. Currently, SOAR is working on a COTS solid rocket with a target goal of 10,000 ft. SOAR attends the Spaceport America Cup, an international competition hosted in New Mexico, and Launch Canada, a Canadian-based rocket competition.

Schulich Aero Design

Schulich Aerodesign competes in the annual SAE Aero Design Competitions, which annually hosts 75 teams from around the world who come to fly their planes. In this competition, engineering students design, build, and fly a heavy-lift remote controlled aircraft. Students are challenged to develop the best aircraft within the competition constraints on vehicle dimensions, electric motor power, and material selection. Through this competition, students develop their engineering skills in aerodynamic and structural design, and learn hands on skills in project management and manufacturing. In order to develop an effective aircraft, students are required to validate analytical and computational models against actual performance measured by testing and experimentation. Hosted by SAE and Lockheed Martin, the competition provides students with the opportunity to network with aerospace industry professionals and other students who will go on to work in the aerospace industry.

Aerodesign Team 2018
Schulich UAV Team

Schulich UAV

Schulich UAV is a student-run engineering club at the University of Calgary that focuses on contributing to the field of unmanned aviation by participating in design projects and collegiate competitions. The team provides its members with the essential resources and education to research, design, and manufacture autonomous aircraft using advanced materials and technologies. This involves implementing software and electronics solutions to custom-make aircrafts designed to fulfill mission requirements. The mechanical, electrical, software, and business sub-teams work in conjunction to successfully compete at the highest level at international competitions.
Schulich UAV leads in the development of emerging autonomous aircraft design as a top undergraduate design team (winners at SAE AeroConnect 2020 and 2021). The team participates in multiple competitions in a year and has worked on projects related to wildlife conservation, payload delivery, wildfire surveillance, and urban air mobility.

Schulich Space Rover Team

The Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT) is UCalgary’s design team for Mars Rovers. Started in September 2019, the team is looking forward to competing in its first competition at the Canadian International Rover Challenge in August 2021! Created as a project based club, the SSRT is an exciting opportunity for students to participate in hands-on engineering experience. With mechanical, mechatronics, software, electrical, science, and business sub-teams, Schulich Space Rover provides extracurricular design opportunities in a fun and competitive environment.

Schulich Space Rover Team

Calgary CubeSat

The Calgary CubeSat is a student team dedicated to launching nano-satellites into orbit. The team designs, prototypes, builds, and tests fully functional nano-satellites. Currently the team is working on a 3-unit CubeSat in a 2-year timeline. Students get to apply concepts learnt in class, learn new skills and meet others who share passions about the final frontier. Together, the sub-teams work to match launch vehicle and payload requirements across all systems. For this satellite, Calgary CubeSat has worked with UCalgary labs to be the housing vehicle for 2 experimental designs as their first long term space flight. As well as designing and building a CubeSat, Calgary CubeSat is dedicated to helping foster diversity in engineering and works to reach out to young STEM learners under its #CalgaryToSpace initiative. The initiative also involves local companies and industry members in the construction of the CubeSat in an effort to bolster the Calgarian Aerospace industry. With opportunities in marketing, engineering, and educational outreach, Calgary CubeSat offers many experiences to its members.