Aerospace News

  1. Schulich AeroDesign Team help host NASA Space Apps Challenge

    Schulich AeroDesign is working to host this year's Calgary location of the NASA Space Apps Challenge.

  2. Former SOAR captain Joins AERO-CORE for MSc Degree in Rocketry

    Will Nelson is a Master's Student with the AERO-CORE Group. He spent 4 years with SOAR, had an internship at the Schulich School of Engineering Machine Shop, and worked as a research assistant.

  1. UCalgary's new Composite Manufacturing Lab soon to be ready

    Dr. Joanna Wong and the Engineering Materials Lab has received 2 grants. One grant is to fund research which tackles the development of emerging technologies for commercialization. The second grant is funding new equipment, allowing Dr. Wong to set up her lab for composite materials.

  2. UCalgary chosen for IDEaS Micro-Network

    The University of Calgary, along side 4 other Canadian universities, has been awarded the IDEaS fund to research the use of autonomous systems in national defence.

  3. UCalgary to build instrumentation for the RADICALS mission

    UCalgary to build an x-ray imager for the RADICALS mission. The x-ray imager project is lead by Dr. Chris Cully and is in collaboration with the University of Colorado and the University of Washington.