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Students Emergency/Crisis

The emergency/crisis section is for University of Calgary medical students that find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation.  Below
is some information and links to resources to help you in various situations. Please remember that this is just advice on how to approach the situation; you will still need to take responsibility in contacting the resources directly for assistance.

If there are additional situations you would like to suggest that we include in the section below, please contact us at

Below are links to resources and some information to help students in various situations


University of Calgary Emergency Plan   

Health Science Centre

Emergency Plan

I am having Financial Concerns

Need access to Career, Academic, Personal, or couples counseling services

I am going to be absent from my studies in the MD Program today.

I want to apply for a deferral of an examination

I cannot access OSLER

I still have not received my clerkship ITERs.

I cannot access ONE45

I cannot access my ucalgary email account or need to reset my password.