Ótáp ímisskaan: The Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Ótáp ímisskaan (pronounced Óo-tdúp-ím-ss-gkhan) is an engaging community-based Indigenous youth outreach program designed to motivate and empower Indigenous youth to nourish the leader within and foster skills to become future leaders in their personal and communal lives.

What is Ótáp ímisskaan?

Ótáp ímisskaan (formerly the Native Ambassador Post-secondary Initiative/NAPI) is designed for Indigenous youth aged 13-24 and consists of two main streams: Educational Outreach and Youth Leadership Training. Both avenues provide educational information, motivation and inspiration that will engage youth to make informed decisions, develop a vision for their future, and contribute positively to their community.

Through outreach events and leadership training, we help Indigenous youth develop leadership skills, build self-awareness, offer knowledge, and also encourage them to pursue post-secondary education. We aim to ultimately empower and inspire Indigenous youth to realize their own potential in order to become emerging leaders of today and tomorrow.


In 2002 the program was initiated by the Native Centre as the Native Ambassador Post-Secondary Initiative (N.A.P.I) as an educational outreach program to support and inspire Indigenous youth in and around The City of Calgary. In 2006 the program partnered with the University of Calgary's Student Leadership Program to develop three levels of training where each level contains a series of Indigenous knowledge based interactive leadership modules.

During the summer of 2019, the N.A.P.I Program was gifted the Blackfoot name; Ótáp ímisskaan through ceremony by Blackfoot elder Duane Mistaken Chief from the Kainai (Blood Tribe) First Nation. Ótáp ímisskaan means to bring rations back home for sustenance after a ceremonial feast or gathering. It is our intention as a program to nourish the youth with leadership knowledge and skills they can apply anywhere, including back home in their communities.

Ótáp ímisskaan logo: A tree is surrounded by a pair of hands, encircled by yellow, green and red circles.

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Lucas Hale
Cultural Programming & Events Coordinator
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Program activities

Our goal is to provide culturally-based leadership training and community outreach opportunities to youth of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to nourish the future generations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders and foster community vibrance and healing.

Using a hands-on, arts-based approach, we provide engaging leadership training aimed to develop leadership skills, build self-awareness, offer knowledge, and encourage Indigenous youth to pursue their passions and interests.

Level I: Personal Leadership

This level of training includes five modules and focuses on defining leadership, self-development, self-management, and self-empowerment.

Level II: Team Leadership

This level of training includes five modules and focuses on team development, conflict resolution, problem solving, and facilitating change.

Level IIl: Community Leadership

This level of training includes three modules and focuses on understanding the nature of community, communal responsibility, and building community through Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Wayfinders (Student Ambassadors)

Onyx Shelton

Onyx Shelton

Onyx Shelton is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is currently in his second year of studies at the University of Calgary pursuing degrees in International Indigenous Studies and English. His passion in life is storytelling and his goals are based on empowering and sharing his, and others' stories. During his journey, he has received a lot of support and wants to give back by engaging and supporting communities in ways that he can help.

The Ótáp ímisskaan program helped me find a sense of self, family and community within an institutional setting that at first made me feel intimidated. Being an Indigenous post-secondary student can come with many challenges daily, but being a part of the Ótáp ímisskaan family made me feel supported, heard, and purposeful during my studies. I can honestly say Ótáp ímisskaan nourished me to find my voice, learn how to speak to younger generations to inspire positive change in our communities. The program gave me a sense of accountability to my team members, youth and myself to grow and learn into the leader I am today, and I’m forever grateful for this experience.

Kayla Bellerose

Partners and Sponsors

Ótáp ímisskaan is funded through the generous support of our sponsors:

Ótáp ímisskaan is also funded by the Government of Canada's Canada Summer Jobs program.