Acts or Threats of Violence

The threat of violence and acts of violence can pose risks to individuals and the institution.

Threat of Violence Procedure

  • Make every attempt to appear calm in your motions and in your voice

  • Attempt to alert others to your predicament

  • Advise the individual(s) that your main goal is to help them, not hinder them

  • Attempt to distance yourself from them, if possible

  • Contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333 as soon as possible (either yourself, or an alerted associate)

  • Await instructions from Campus Security personnel

  • If the person has left the immediate area, immediately lock your door, if possible so you are protected


If the Threat Was Made In Person

If the person(s) have left the immediate area, try to describe them to the best of your recollection, with details of the threat.

If the Threat Was Delivered By Phone

Immediately contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333 using a different line and await instructions. Utilize call trace if possible (key *69 on a cell phone or off-campus phone. It will not work on the university phone exchange). Note distinctive background noises and voice characteristics.

If the Threat Was Delivered By Electronic Means

Do not destroy any records of the communication.

Act of Violence Procedure

  • If you are a victim or witness of an act of violence immediately contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333 or the police at 911 to request assistance.

  • If necessary, request immediate medical attention.

  • Do not disturb any of the evidence at the crime scene

Contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333 if you have any questions or need more information.